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The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual is one of the longest world quests for the lore in Inazuma. It involves multiple sub-quests and parts of it are even pre-requisite to some other world quests.

Genshin Impact: Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual Quest Guide

This guide will walk you through the quest, show all locations where you need to perform the cleansing ritual, as well as help you solve puzzles to access those locations. And if you are wondering how to get the Inazuma craftable weapons, then completing this quest is the answer to how to get the Hakushin Ring.

This quest will be available to you once you complete the prerequisite quest called “Ritou Escape Plan”. Just outside of Ritou, on the road to Konda Village, you will see a woman standing by the fox statues. She is a shrine maiden named Kazari and she will ask you a favor.

Kazari will tell you that a secret lies under Konda Village and that there is a barrier that needs to be broken. She will not say much but she will tell you to go to the village and ask the residents for clues.

A Strange Story in Konda

For this very first task, the key people to talk to are the little girl Futaba, the village chief Konda Desuke, the old woman resident Saimon Eri, and Takeru the kid on one of the roofs.

These three will mention the dry well behind the village chief’s house, a broken cart at the entrance of the villa, and some floating bags in the village gully.

You will then have to visit these locations and check the clues. You can check your map because the exact locations are already marked.

The items you will get from these locations are a purse of mora, a cargo bag, and a list of goods.

Apparently, the village chief was hiding the fact that some young people in the village robbed one of the Shogunate’s cargo carts and he did not want to tarnish the image of the village. Konda Densuke was afraid that you would report the incident but you are supposed to ask about a barrier under the village.

The village chief will then tell you a legend that underneath the village is one of the five roots of the Thunder Sakura that protect the peace on Narukami Island. The way to get to the said root is through the well behind his house, so you ask Konda Densuke for the key to open the well.

Thunder Sakura Root Barrier: Konda Village

When you go underground through the well, you will come across a barrier and inside it are huge tree roots. To get through the barrier you will have to summon an Electrograna from the Thunder Bough next to one of the wood columns.

In one of the lantern-like objects around the roots, place the ward that the shrine maiden gave you.

A pattern will appear at the center of the torii gate where the roots are. You will have to follow this pattern by adjusting the order of the lanterns. Once this is done, an Ochimusha will appear so you will have to defeat it to complete the cleansing ritual.

After this ritual, the shrine maiden will appear and introduce herself as Kazari. She will explain the problem and then tell you to visit the abandoned shrine that is not far northeast of Konda Village. This is the location of the next barrier that you have to perform a cleansing ritual on.

Thunder Sakura Root Barrier: Abandoned Shrine

When you start going up the abandoned shrine, you will come across a Mysterious Shadow dressed like a shrine maiden. When you interact with this Shadow she will disappear and transfer to another location around the shrine.

There are a total of 3 Mysterious Shadows that you have to find and interact with. The goal is to have them stand behind each of these fox statues that are facing each other.

The first shadow will be standing in front of the small shrine at the foot of the hill. When you interact with her she will disappear and transfer in front of a fox statue just a few steps along the path to the main shrine. When you interact with her again she will now stand behind one of the 3 fox statues.

The second Mysterious Shadow is standing right in front of the main shrine. Interacting with her will have her transfer in front of a larger fox statue south of the shrine, just past the 3 fox statues. Interact with her again for her to stand behind one of the 3 fox statues.

The third and last Mysterious Shadow is on the roof of the shrine. When you interact with her she will transfer behind one of the trees south of the 3 fox statues. Trying to talk to her again will have her stand on the last fox, which will then reveal chests and a book.

The book you found is the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Summary and you will have to bring it to one of the shrine maidens in the Grand Narukami Shrine.

Shrine maiden Inagi Hotomi will explain that there are missing words in the ritual summary. She will explain what the three missing lines should be and will give you a Memento Lens.

Back in the abandoned shrine you should look for Earth Kitsune statues and look at them through the Memento Lens. The statues you need are the ones that seem lit by an Electro light.

The Earth Kitsune statues you need can be found at:

  • the small shrine by the foot of the hill
  • under a shed a few steps up from the first one
  • in front of the shrine behind two fox statues
  • by a tree east of the shrine
  • on a piece of flat rock southeast of the shrine (where the Mysterious shadow from the roof of the shrine transferred to)
  • near the 3 foxes statues that are facing each other
  • in front of the large fox statue

After viewing these Earth Kitsune statues through the Memento Lens, you now have the lines to complete the ritual. The lines will be displayed in order so you just have to select from the top.

You will get the ward for cleansing the barrier underneath this area.

To easily get to root, use the Memento lens again to look at the Earth Kitsune beside the large fox statue. This will reveal a Seelie that you can follow to its statue which is located right at the entrance of the cave where the Thunder Sakura root is.

Like the previous location, place the ward in one of the lanterns and follow the pattern of the seal that will be displayed.

Defeat the Mysterious Samurai that will attack you and the shrine maiden Kazari will appear again.

After thanking you Kazari will explain the situation of the Great Sakura Tree of Narukami Island and that all five root locations need to have a cleansing ritual performed on them.

All 3 Remaining Locations

The location of the last 3 Thunder Sakura roots that need cleansing is not marked on the map. However, Kazari gave clues that the remaining roots are in Chinju Forest, Araumi, and below the tidal flats outside the Kamisato Estate.

Chinju Forest

Once you enter Chinju Forest another world quest will be activated. This one is related to the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual and will be listed under it.

The name of the quest is Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest and you will be prompted to search for the source of a strange voice.

From the teleport waypoint, walk up north until you see stone steps with torii gates on them. As you go up this path the voice will tell you to continue when you get to the sixth torii gate, the voice will scream for help.

To the left of this gate is a rock with tanuki statues and below it is a path. Go to that path and defeat the hilichurls.

After defeating the enemies you will find out that the voice is from a huge tanuki statue. It will introduce itself as Ioroi, the world-renowned bake-danuki. When you ask him to borrow a comb that serves as the ward for the Thunder Sakura root underneath Chinju Forest, he will ask you to play with 3 little tanukis first.

Find the Little Tanuki

The little tanukis are Gyouba Koban, Kichiboushi, and Shousei, and the game you have to play with them is ‘hide and seek‘. These little characters can teleport and disguise themselves as random things, which makes finding them a little challenging.

When you go back to the stone steps, you will see one of the tanukis. It will teleport several times down the steps and then transform into a torch. Light this up with Pyro and the first tanuki, Shousei will reveal itself.

From where you found Shousei, go west, and just across the stream are 2 tall rocks and a bake-danuki statue. The shorter rock has a barrel on top of it and is surrounded by hilichurls. Defeat the monsters and break the barrel to reveal one of the little tanukis, Kichiboushi.

The last tanuki will be on a rock at the Y-path where the stone steps with the torii gate start. It will teleport several times to the south and will transform into 3 torches on the stream. Light these 3 torches and Gyouba Koban.

Return to Ioroi to get the comb and head to the cliff east of Chinju Village. Kichiboushi will use its bake-danuki power to remove the seal on the cliff wall and reveal the Thunder Sakura root.

Repeat the process of placing the ward on the first lantern and then adjusting the order of the other lanterns based on the pattern displayed on the torii gate.

An Ochimusha will once again appear and will attack you. It is the filth from the root that you have to cleanse. After defeating this enemy, Kazari will appear again.

Tidal Flats Outside the Kamisato Estate

For this next location, you first have to go to the Kamisato Estate and drop down the cliff north of the mansion.

Below is an elevated piece of land with a tree, a fox statue, and an Earth Kitsune. Use the Memento Lens on the Earth Kitsune and a larger fox statue will appear. Using an electro attack, hit this statue to get a key-shaped ward to be used on the next root.

From this position, facing the sea you will see the tidal flats showing shipwrecks and sediments forming 2 small islands. Go to the nearest Waverider waypoint and use your Waverider to get to one of the small islands.

On this are three fox statues and an Earth Kitsune statue at the center. Use the Memento Lens on the Earth Kitsune statue to open the entrance to the underground cave where the Thunder Sakura root is located.

This cave is filled with Bale Thunder so make sure to summon an Electrograna and keep one active while you stay inside.

Again, to do the cleansing ritual place the key-shaped ward in one of the lanterns and follow the pattern order displayed on the torii gate. Defeat the enemy that will show up to complete the cleansing of the Thunder Sakura root.

Araumi Underground Ruin

The Thunder Sakura root in Araumi is located in the underground ruins. To gain access to the area, you have to first light 4 Electro totems to remove the seal of the mechanism switch.

Once the seal is broken, activate the switch and climb up into the broken round structure where a Sakura tree has grown into.

Inside this structure, a round door will open revealing 3 Earth Kitsune statues. Use the Memento Lens on all statues to reveal 3 switches that will open the last round door to the underground ruin.

The ward to use for this ritual is inside a room with fox statues right across the Thunder Sakura root. This area is blocked by a Thunder Barrier and to get inside you must use the Memento Lens on the nearby Kitsune, which will then unveil a Thunder Bough.

Summon an Electrograna, go inside the blocked area, and use Electro on the statue to get the scroll-shaped ward.

The two lanterns behind the torii gate are missing and you have to use the Memento Lens on the two Earth Kitsune statues to see it.

Repeat the usual process in doing the cleansing ritual and after it, go report Kazari who is in the root under Konda village.

Last Step of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual

When you meet Kazari again underneath Konda village she will reveal that there is one last and most important step of the ritual. All the filth from the roots have accumulated under the Great Sakura Tree and the next step is to go there and cleanse it.

You will then have to meet Kazari in one of the paths in Mt. Yougou leading to the Grand Narukami Shrine.

The filth has condensed into a large tumor that is sealed in the deepest part of the mountain. Kazari will lift the barrier that is holding the miasma tumor in and you have to jump down and defeat it.

How to Defeat the Miasmic Tumor

As you go down the inner depths of Mt. Yougou, you will see a core-like thing that has wrapped and suppressed the roots of the Sacred Sakura. Under this tumor is an Ochimusha that will attack you.

Also, take note that you will take continuous damage due to the Bale Thunder status of the environment. So make sure to always summon an Electrograna for added safety.

After defeating the samurai entity, a seal with a pattern will appear which will be the right order of the lantern mechanism.

Adjusting the lanterns in the correct order will cause the Miasmic Tumor to fall to the ground, giving you a chance to attack it.

When the tumor’s HP is reduced to a certain point it will shoot energy in front of it dealing huge damage. This attack is easy to notice and can be dodged immediately.

At 75% HP remaining, the Miasmic Tumor will rise up again, attack by shooting energy projectiles, and summon another Ochimusha.

Defeat the Ochimusha while dodging the tumor’s projectile attacks and making sure you have an Electrograna summoned.

Defeating the samurai will once again display a seal with a pattern indicating the order of the lantern mechanism. This cycle is the main mechanic of this fight and it will occur up to 3 times.

Killing the Miasmic Tumor will then complete the cleansing ritual of the Sacred Sakura Tree.

Kazari will then tell her identity and share her story before saying her last farewell.

This completes the world quest and unlocks the achievement “Spirit Cleaning”.

You will also pick up Kazari’s Mask, which upon use will give you the blueprint for crafting the catalyst “Hakushin Ring”. It is one of the Amethyst Series or Inazuma’s signature craftable weapons.

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