Pokemon Sword/Shield: How to Obtain a Water Bike


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Wondering how to reach the Pokemon in the waters of the Wild Area? Unlike the previous Pokemon games, there is no Surf move to traverse waters in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Instead of the Surf move, you can traverse Galar Region’s waters by using the Water Bike upgrade for your Rotom Bike!

Pokemon Sword/Shield: How to Obtain a Water Bike

The Rotom Bike, which you’ll obtain when you get to Route 5, will be upgraded to become a Water Bike that allows your trainer to ride your Rotom Bike on water and explore more places and catch more Pokemon. Not only this but the upgrade also allows you to perform a temporary turbo boost while riding your bike! Just like the main Rotom Bike, this upgrade is an unmissable part of the story of Pokemon Sword and Shield. But, if you’re curious or you missed it for some weird reason, here is how to obtain the Rotom Bike Upgrade:

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  1. On Route 9, just after you visit Circhester City, you will run into the same guy who gave you the Rotom Bike in the first place (the guy wearing a nurse uniform) being
  2. Battle and defeat Team Yell.
  3. The guy will give you the upgrade in return!

It’s literally that easy (I mean you should know that Team Yell is a piece of cake by now)! Now that you have the upgrade, activating it is even simpler: press the + button to ride your Rotom Bike and ride it unto the water and the water bike upgrade will automatically activate! Additionally, press the A button, whether on land or on water, to perform the temporary turbo boost.

It is worth mentioning that you cannot fish while riding your bike on the water (not that you can just fish anywhere anyway). To start fishing, you would have to get off your bike and press the A button as you stand near a fishing spot.

This Rotom Bike upgrade is definitely very useful in Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can now go back and reach places you’ve seen but were unreachable then. It is now easier to go catch ‘em all!

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