Genshin Impact: The Farmer’s Treasure Quest Guide



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The Farmer’s Treasure is one of the world quests in Inazuma that will help increase your reputation level for the nation. It is also key to getting one of the Inazuma signature weapons.

Genshin Impact: The Farmer's Treasure Quest Guide

This guide will help you find locations of the items needed for the quest, as well as teach you how to get the Amenoma Kageuchi sword. This weapon is one of the 4-star Amethyst series weapons that you can craft.

To start this quest you need to go to Jinren Island which is north of Araumi in Narukami Island.

On top of the plateau is a cage with a man inside. He will ask you to get him out of the cage using the key that is on a tree just opposite of the cage.

This man will introduce himself as Saimon Jirou and that he is a professional treasure hunter.

As a way of thanking you for saving him, he will ask you to collect four Old Stone Slates but will not specify where to find them.

These stone slates will be used to open a treasury in Jinren Island.

Locations of the Four Old Stone Slates

The locations where you can find these stone slates are mostly underground. These areas can only be accessed when you follow the quest series Sacred Sakura Cleansing. So it is better if you have at least started the said quest series and unlock an important part of the region.

However, one of these slates can be found in a camp just by the shore just outside the Kamisato Residence.

It is a camp used by Nobushi’s so you have to defeat them first. The Old Stone Slate is in the tent facing the sea.

Old Stone Slate location (1)

The first Old Stone Slate underground is in an area that will be unlocked after cleansing the first Sakura Tree.

From the underground Sakura Tree go towards the exit and head to the area that looked like a bunker.

When you enter the area there will be crate boxes on the left. In one of these boxes is where you will get the stone slate.

Old Stone Slate location (2)

The next Old Stone Slate is the ruin under Araumi.

Near the gate is a dirt mound where you can get the slate.

Old Stone Slate location (3)

The last slate can be found in the area farther under the sea northeast of Araumi.

Just below the teleport waypoint, you can see parts of a shipwreck. In one of these parts, you will see a broken pot, and inside it is the final Old Stone Slate.

Old Stone Slate location (4)

Opening the Treasury

When you have collected all four Old Stone Slates, bring them to Saimon Jirou. He will then tell that there is a fifth slate that he hid in a waterfall on the shores of Araumi. Head there and find this last piece.

Find these little piles of dirt and dig. You will not find anything so you go back and confront Saimon Jirou.

Upon arriving at the island, Saimon Jirou is not in his little tent. He was taken again by the Nobushis and kept inside the cage.

The Nobushis will tell you everything about the treasure and Saimon Jirou’s motives. You will find out that you actually need only four Old Stone Slates and a key to open the treasury. And that Saimon Jirou planned to unlock it without you so he can have all the treasure to himself.

You will then have to defeat three waves of enemies: Nobushis, Treasure Hoarders, and Fatui.

After that long battle, Saimon Jirou will give you the slates and key so you can open the treasury gate yourself.

Inside is a floor with missing parts and this is where you put the slates. Solve the puzzle to unlock the gate.

When you get inside you will find out that there isn’t any treasure – so you go with Saimon Jirou to meet his parents in Konda Village.

His parents will thank you for escorting Saimon Jirou safely home. They will give you their family heirloom blade and a drawing of what it used to look like. This is actually a Northlander Sword Billet and the blueprint of how to make the Amenoma Kageuchi.

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