How to Get Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley


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Learn how to get Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley!

How to Get Dragon Tooth in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a charming indie title that portrays a society living a rural life in modern times. But a few miles away from this town, there is a place called Ginger Island. And it is an island that could evoke memories of the period when ancient creatures freely roamed the earth.

For the longest time, Ginger Island was a remote territory untouched by human civilization. Hence, the island is filled with the skeletal remains of different animals. For instance, some creatures, like dragons, have been extinct for centuries. And that is why the Dragon Tooth is one of the rarest items you could get in the game.

Dragon Tooth Uses

Dragon Tooth is a material used to craft only a few items, but this does not make it less valuable. It is one of the items needed to construct a hat accessory, a consumable teleporter, and an expensive farm building. More info on the uses of Dragon Tooth is detailed below:

Island Obelisk

DragonTooth Icons

The Island Obelisk is an arcane pillar you can purchase from the Wizard. Interacting with it can instantly take you to Ginger Island. It is one of the four Obelisks you will need to achieve 100% perfection. To get an Island Obelisk, you must give the Wizard 1,000,000 Gold, 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Dragon Teeth, and 10 Bananas.

Warp Totem: Island

DragonTooth WarpTotem

Warp Totem: Island is a teleporter that functions like an Island Obelisk but is depleted upon use. Holding it up from the inventory and clicking the right mouse button (or pressing the x button on Switch) will warp you to Ginger Island. You can get its recipe from the Volcano Dwarf for 10,000 Gold. And you can craft it using 5 Hardwood, 1 Dragon Tooth, and 1 Ginger.

Swashbuckler Hat

DragonTooth Hat

The Swashbuckler hat is a flamboyant brown hat made in a Sewing Machine using a Dragon Tooth and a Cloth. Apart from that, it can also be used to dye clothing. Oddly enough, its coating may appear purple, but you can use the fossil to fill the orange pot at the dye pots.

Banana Sapling

DragonTooth Banana

On some days, the Island Trader on Ginger Island will offer you a Banana Sapling in exchange for five Dragon Teeth. Banana Saplings are banana Fruit parts that grow into a tree after 28 days when planted during summer on your farm or in any season on the Greenhouse or the Ginger Island farm.


DragonTooth Gifting

Dragon Teeth can also be used for gifting, but not everyone in Pelican Town can appreciate this ancient fossil. Although the market recognizes its value and buys it for 500 Gold, Leo is the only boy who knows how precious Dragon Teeth are since he lived around the parts where they can be found.

How to Get Dragon Teeth

Dragons are believed to be the ancestors of vicious snake-like monsters called Serpents. They usually appear in the Skull Cavern. However, the Volcano Dungeon is the only place you can gather Dragon Teeth. You can tell from the iridium coating that you will have difficulty farming these shiny fossils. So, we have listed all the methods and tips on how to obtain Dragon Teeth:

Lava Lurks

DragonTooth LavaLurks

The fastest way to acquire Dragon Teeth is by killing Lava Lurks. Lava Lurks are found in the Volcano Dungeon and usually swim in smoldering hot lava pools. There is a 15% chance for a Lava Lurk to drop a Dragon Tooth after being defeated.

If you find it hard to kill Lava Lurks, you can use your watering can to pour water on the magma pool. Doing this will turn the magma into a stone path, making reaching the Lava Lurk easier and hitting it with your weapon.

Dragon Skeletons

DragonTooth Bones3

Dragon Teeth can also be found scattered around the skeletal remains of a dragon in Volcano Dungeon. The Volcano Dungeon has fewer levels than the Pelican Town Mines and Skull Caverns, but it will also randomly generate floors daily. And there are times when you may encounter areas with dragon fossils sticking out from the ground.

When trying to farm for Dragon Teeth, try to avoid using bombs too much or equipping the Napalm ring since, just like any items, they can also get destroyed upon explosion.

Stingray Fish Pond

DragonTooth Stingrays

Some types of fish produce rare resources when placed in a pond, and the Stingray Fish is no exception. Of course, breeding fish is not an easy task. You will need to make them happy by fulfilling all their requests. But if you increase the pond capacity to 9 or 10, Stingrays will provide you with a Dragon Tooth.

And that is how you farm for Dragon Teeth effectively. If you want to know more about where or how to obtain rare resources in Stardew Valley, check out our other guides on Player Assist.

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