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Stardew Valley has many mysterious places with puzzles or riddles that may go over some players’ heads. An example of this is the Hidden Shrine found in the rainforest of Ginger Island. The shrine is a tiny section of the island where you can find some statues and a tricky riddle. It may seem tough to crack, but this guide will tell you how to solve the Hidden Shrine puzzle and acquire the reward.

How to Solve the Hidden Shrine Puzzle in Stardew Valley

The reward for solving the Hidden Shrine puzzle is something that will benefit Stardew Valley completionists. We all know players keep coming back to Ginger Island to complete all 130 Golden Walnuts. Golden Walnuts are a parrot currency you can use to access all of Ginger Island’s unlockable areas. For those who wish to get more Golden Walnuts, you will have to locate the hidden puzzle within the shrine.

Finding the Hidden Shrine

Located east of Ginger Island is the rainforest. And this is where you will initially go since this is the only accessible area at the start of your island tour. The eastern part of the island is where the hidden shrine is found. If you walk further to the north of the rainforest, you can spot the stairs leading to Leo’s hut. From the stairs, head to your right until you reach the leaf wall covering the entrance to the hidden shrine.

Once you arrive at the hidden shrine, you will discover a giant bird shrine with four smaller statues. Across each statue, there are four pedestals with engravings of a mountain, a palm tree, an ocean wave, and an irregular shape. If you interact with the giant bird shrine, you will see the message: Begin your quest when dark clouds cry. To seek the fabled gem-birds four. Each day, one north, south, east, or west. Arrange their gifts upon my door.

Deciphering the Riddle

The riddle hints that you will need to find some items to solve the puzzle. The quest items consist of four “gem-birds” or gems carried by birds. “When the dark clouds” means you can only encounter these birds when it rains. The line, “Each day, one north, south, east, or west,” indicates that you can discover exotic-looking birds on every side of the island on rainy days.

Locating the four Gems

As stated above, the four exotic birds can be found on rainy days when you go to the northern, eastern, southern, and western parts of Ginger Island. The exact spot where you can locate each bird is random, and it can differ for every save file. Additionally, only one exotic bird will spawn per rainy day.

To get the gems from a bird, you will have to walk towards it until it flies away and drops a gem. The gemstones you can get from each bird are Aquamarine, Ruby, Emerald, and Topaz. Note some playthroughs will also include the Amethyst gem in the mix.

After finding all the four gemstones, place them on their corresponding pedestal. You will earn 5 Golden Walnuts if you successfully acquire all the gems.

And that is a wrap for today’s guide on solving the hidden shrine puzzle! More tricky puzzles with valuable rewards are waiting to be discovered in Stardew Valley. We have gone through countless guides in solving them here on Player Assist, so check them out.

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