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The Hamayumi is one of the Amethyst Series weapons in Genshin Impact, commonly known as the Inazuma weapons. It is a 4-star bow that you can craft and easily enhance to its maximum refinement level.

How to Get the Hamayumi in Genshin Impact

The way to get the crafting blueprint of this bow is easy, but you can’t grind your way to get it.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get to an island north of Tatarasuna and east of Nazuchi Beach. You can either teleport to the Statue of Seven or a nearby Teleport Waypoint.
  2. Keep your eyes on the shore around this area and look for one of these sparkling things. Hit Investigate and you will retrieve a conch.
  3. On the west side of this island is a shell-shaped cottage where you can find a man named Takashi.

  4. When you talk to him, he will let you open a chest in exchange for a special conch.
  5. After giving him 3 conchs, he will let you choose one of the three ordinary chests in the cottage.
  6. If you talk to Takashi again and ask to open another chest, he will tell you that you can only open one chest everyday.
  7. Open a chest everyday for the next seven days, and you will get a diagram for the Hamayumi on the seventh day.
crafting materials needed

By the time you finally get the blueprint for the bow, you will also unlock the achievement “Thank You, Come Again” for obtaining the grand prize from Takashi’s chests.

Some players claim that they got the blueprint on the 3rd or 6th day. Thus, it is safe to think that getting this item works like a gacha with the 7th day as your pity.

Other players also said you have to draw a Fortune Slip from the Great Narukami Shrine before opening one of Takashi’s chests.

They said if you got a good or an even better fortune for that day, you should probably get the blueprint for Hamayumi. There isn’t any proof of this method, but there’s no harm in having such a belief.

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