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The “Great View From Up Here” advancement is one of the strangest advancements to achieve in Minecraft. As one of the last tasks to do in the game, players have to endure many hardships and challenges to get this achievement: find a stronghold, travel to the End, beat the Ender Dragon, locate an End city, and more. The list goes on and on, but we will tackle every item in this Minecraft guide.

How To Get The Minecraft Advancement

Advancements badges players can obtain whenever they finish a particular Minecraft task. Many of these tasks usually help players and often hint at what players should do next. However, not all advancements are constructive and helpful. Some advancements are there for no reason, and some require players to risk their lives and lose all their items to obtain them. The “Great View From Up Here” is one of them.

To get this specific advancement in the game, players will have to travel to the End’s outer islands and find shulkers—a hostile box-shaped mob that inflicts players with the levitation effect when attacked—guarding the inside the End cities. Shulkers guard the inner and outer parts of the End cities and can be troublesome to fight against, especially when they attack in numbers. Shulkers have a special attack called the shulker bullet, which damages the player and makes you levitate when hit. Although it sounds pretty cool, it will not be as amazing once you realize you may float up towards the sky unchecked and fall flat onto the ground once the effect wears off. This, along with the thought you might fall into the endless depth beneath the islands of the End, makes any player think twice about doing this challenge. And since the advancement requires the player to float into the sky to reach a certain distance, preparing for this will take a lot of work.

How To Prepare For The End in Minecraft

Before doing the challenge of obtaining the “Great View From Up Here” advancement, players must gear up just as they did when fighting the Ender Dragon. Although your enemies this time around might not be as tough as the Ender Dragon, nonetheless, it is always better to come prepared. Here are some of the items you should bring if you plan on traversing the End and obtaining the advancement in Minecraft:

  • Armor: You should bring a full set of Diamond or Netherite Armor. You should preferrably enchant each of your armor equipment with the Protection enchantment or Projectile Protection enchantment to strengthen your resistance against the attacks of shulkers and endermen. For your boots, it is highly recommended to equip the Feather Falling enchantment in order to lessen fall damage when the leviation effect inflicted by shulkers wears off.
  • Sword: Your sword should preferrably be Diamond or Netherite. The sword will be your primary weapon in fighting against shulkers and provoked endermen. It is best used when equipped with the Sharpness V enchantment in order to deal as much damage to them and take them out as quickly as possible. A good enchantment option for your sword is the Fire Aspect enchantment as endermen will likely teleport away from you when taking damage, all the more when they are on fire.
  • Bow: The bow will be your secondary weapon against hostile mobs in the End. As the bow can only be made using one material—unlike swords—it is best to equip it with as many enchantments as possible in order to fully utilize its strength. Bows are highly effective in taking out shulkers since you do not have to worry about getting hit by the shulker bullets. Good enchantments to equip on your bow are the Infinity enchantment, Power V enchantment, and the Flame enchantment.
  • Crossbow: As an alternative to the regular bow, crossbows can be used as your other secondary weapon since it also deals more damage and has longer range than bows. However, unlike the bow, a crossbow cannot be equipped with the Infinity enchantment which means that you will need to bring a ton of arrows if you plan on using a crossbow instead. Quick Charge and Multishot enchantments are great crossbow enchantments to use as well.
  • Food: Food is your main source to heal therefore bringing a lot of food items is ideal to conquer this quest. Ideal food items are cooked porkchop, steak, and golden carrots. You may also bring other food items such as cooked mutton, cooked chicken, cooked salmon, cooked cod, and bread as these are good alternatives for food source.
  • Potions: Potions can help strengthen you in battle as well as heal back your health points quickly. They are also highly recommended especially when you are exploring an End city as potions can boost your performance rapidly. Good potion options to bring when venturing the End are Strength potions, Invisibility potions, Swiftness potions, and Healing potions.
  • Water Bucket: The water bucket will help you land safely on the ground once you have achieved the advancement. Since the task requires you to reach a certain height in the sky, you will definitely need to land eventually, and using the water bucket just as you are about to land will prevent you from taking any fall damage.
  • Milk Bucket: Just as you need to land, you will also need to stop the levitation effect eventually and using a milk bucket will help to remove this effect that is caused by the shulker’s attacks. Bringing a few milk buckets will help you climb to the top of the End city with ease while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
  • Ender Pearls: Bringing a set of ender pearls will help teleport you to nearby safe areas and it could potentially save your life from falling to death. You can also use the ender pearl to quickly traverse the End and climb the top of the End city fast.

How To Get The “Great View From Up Here” Advancement

  1. Find a stronghold and open the portal to the End by filling up the end portal frames with ender pearls.
  2. Jump into the portal to the End and defeat the Ender Dragon to unlock the next portal going to the End’s outer islands.
  3. Traverse the End’s outer islands until you find an End city. You can easily traverse each island by using an ender pearl to teleport from one island to the next quickly.
  4. Climb the End city by defeating the shulker boxes guarding the lower part of the End city.
  5. Locate a shulker that is situated in a high altitude, preferrably one that is located in the End city’s highest balcony.
  6. Get attacked by the shulker once to become inflicted with the Levitation status effect.
  7. Float upwards for a short period of time then aim an ender pearl to the ground and throw it to teleport down.
  8. Finally, obtain the achievement “Great View From Up Here” message to confirm you got the advancement.

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