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Like most games online, Minecraft also has an achievement system called advancements in Minecraft Java Edition—where players can complete specific tasks or challenges to attain them one by one. This advancement system often helps players understand the basic things needed for survival, especially new ones. These challenges are also guided tasks that often connect two or more advancements, and each of these advancements is often beneficial for survival. And although many of the advancements are achievable by simply doing basic tasks such as chopping wood and mining stones, certain advancements require more than your typical run-of-the-mill job. And one of them is the Minecraft advancement called the Zombie Doctor advancement.

How To Get The Minecraft Advancement

As part of the Minecraft update 1.4.2, the Pretty Scary update, zombie villagers were added. Zombie villagers are variants of regular zombies that can often be spawned inside abandoned villages and sometimes in a group of normal spawned zombies. Zombie villagers can either be spawned using regular means or can be created when a regular zombie infects a villager. But there is more to zombie villagers than simply being a variant of the typical zombie. And it involves a precise procedure in which each step must be followed in a specific order for the method to work successfully. Otherwise, the procedure will fail. This method will provide players with the Zombie Doctor advancement.

The Zombie Doctor advancement is not something most newbie players know about, and there is also only one hint in the game itself that portrays the advancement in its full method, which will require you to discover the igloo. This small naturally-generated structure can only be found in icy and snowy biomes. But this guide will show you how to get the advancement without quickly searching for the igloo. Read on to find out what items you will need and the steps to achieving the Zombie Doctor advancement in Minecraft.

Materials Required For The Advancement

To push through with the process of curing a zombie villager, you must gather these items first and craft them together to start curing the zombie villager. Some of these items are obtainable in the overworld, and some can only be obtained in the Nether.

Splash Potion of Weakness

The splash potion of weakness can only be obtained through brewing. You will need to gather a few items to craft this potion: a fermented spider eye, a water bottle, blaze powder, and gunpowder.

To craft a splash potion of weakness, you will need the following items:

  • Fermented Spider Eye: A fermented spider eye is an ingredient used for brewing potions such as a potion of harming, a potion of slowness, a potion of invisibility, and a potion of weakness. The fermented spider eye is obtainable by crafting a spider eye, a brown mushroom, and sugar together. The fermented spider eye will be the key ingredient in order to turn a regular water bottle into a potion of weakness.
    • Spider Eye: Spider eyes are mainly obtained as mob loot or as loot inside chests located in the desert pyramid. Mobs such as spiders and cave spiders have a  13 chance of obtaining a single spider eye when killed by the player or a tamed wolf, while mobs such as witches have a certain percentage of dropping 0 to 6 spider eyes when killed.
    • Brown Mushroom: A brown mushroom is a fungi often located in dark areas of the Overworld and the Nether. Biomes such as the swamp, old growth taiga, and mushroom fields biome generate brown mushrooms on the surface as well as anywhere in the Nether. These often generate in poorly lit areas hence there is a chance it may also spawn inside caves and caverns.
    • Sugar: Sugar is mainly used for cooking food and for brewing potions. Sugar can be obtained by placing sugar canes in the crafting table. Sugar canes often grow anywhere as long as it is next to a body of water in the Overworld. They are predominantly found in biomes such as rivers and beaches.
  • Water Bottle: A water bottle is an item mainly used in brewing potions. It can be obtained by filling up glass bottles using a water source. To fill up the glass bottle, simply right-click on a source of water while holding the glass bottle on your hand. This will turn the glass bottle into a water bottle. The water bottle will hold the potion of weakness once the brewing process is complete.
    • Glass Bottle: Glass bottle is an item which can be used to hold liquid-like ingredients such as water, potions, honey, and dragon’s breath. It can be crafted by placing 3 glass blocks on the crafting table in a triagular position on the 3×3 crafting grid. Doing so will craft 3 glass bottles in a single crafting process.
  • Gunpowder: Gunpowder is an item often used as an ingredient in crafting explosion-related recipes. Gunpowder is mainly obtained by killing creepers in the Overworld and killing ghasts in the Nether. By chance, gunpowder can also be obtained as loot inside chests located inside dungeons, desert pyramids, shipwrecks, and in the woodland mansion. The gunpowder will be used to change the normal potion of weakness into a splash potion of weakness which will then spread the potion’s effects to the surrounding areas it is throw into.
  • Blaze Powder: Blaze powder is an item obtainable by crafting a blaze rod in the crafting table. It is commonly used as an ingredient to brew potions of strength and craft eyes of ender. It will mainly be used as a fuel source in order to start brewing potions in the brewing stand.
    • Blaze Rod: Blaze rod is obtained as a mob loot from a blaze which is a yellow floating hostile mob that can only be found inside the Nether fortress. Blazes are the only source of the blaze rod which makes them equally difficult to obtain and gather in large numbers.

Golden Apple

A golden apple is a special food item that will bestow special effects to whoever consumes it. It can be obtained by crating eight gold ingots and one apple in the crafting table or by obtaining it as loot inside chests located in dungeons, mineshafts, desert pyramids, bastion remnants, igloos, ruined portals, strongholds, underwater ruins, and the woodland mansion.

To craft a golden apple, you will need the following items:

  • Gold Ingot: Gold ingot is a metal item often used for crafting materials and for bartering with piglins. Gold ingot can be obtained by smelting a single block of gold ore or raw gold in a furnace. It can also be obtained by crafting 9 gold nuggets together or 1 block of gold in a crafting table. You will need 8 gold ingots to craft a single golden apple.
  • Apple: Apple is a food item which is mainly obtained as drops from oak and dark oak leaves. It can also be obtained as loot inside chests located in igloos, villages, and strongholds. You will need only 1 apple to craft a single golden apple.

How To Obtain The Zombie Doctor Advancement

  1. Brew a splash potion of weakness in the brewing stand. Open the brewing stand menu and place the water bottle in the bottle slot, the blaze powder in the fuel slot, and the fermented spider eye in the ingredient slot to start brewing. Next, place the gunpowder in the ingredient slot to transform the potion into a splash potion. When finished, click and drag the slash potion of weakness into your inventory to complete the brewing process.
  2. Craft a golden apple in the crafting table. Open the crafting table menu and place the apple at the center of the 3×3 crafting grid. Next, place a gold ingot for each slot surrounding the apple with a total of 8 gold ingots used for crafting. When complete, click and drag the golden apple into your inventory to complete the crafting process.
  3. Locate a zombie villager. Zombie villagers are 5% likely to spawn in a regular horde of zombies. They can also be found inside abandoned villages. Make sure to secure the zombie villager in a dark area in order to prevent them from being burned to death under the sun.
  4. Throw the splash potion of weakness on the zombie villager. Hold the splash potion of weakness on your hand and throw it towards the zombie villager. If the zombie villager emanates gray swirls, this will indicate it is currently inflicted with the weakness status effect.
  5. Feed the zombie villager with a golden apple. Once the zombie villager is inflicted with weakness, feed the zombie villager with the golden apple by holding the golden apple on your hand and right-clicking on the zombie villager. This will trigger the transformation and the zombie villager will begin shaking.
  6. The zombie villager will transform into a normal villager. Once the transformation process begins, you will have to wait for about 3 to 5 minutes until the process is complete. The zombie villager will then convert into a regular villager afterwards.
  7. Receive the Zombie Doctor advancement. Upon completing the transformation process for the first time, you will then receive the Zombie Doctor advancement message indicating that you have successfully done the procedure.

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