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In Genshin Impact, Primogem is a unique currency used to purchase Intertwined or Acquaint Fates and Battle Pass levels or used as an exchange to replenish your Original Resin.

How to Get Primogems in Genshin Impact

Primogems are some of the most craved-for in-game items, as they are used for the game’s gacha system.

Here are six easy ways to gather Primogems:

  1. Quests – It is a common reward for Story, World, and Daily Commission quests.
  2. Statue of the Seven – Leveling up the archon statue of each region will reward you Primogems, so make sure to collect those Oculi and offer them to the respective region statues.
  3. Chests – Always be on the lookout for a chest while exploring the world of Teyvat because opening those chests will give you Primogems.
  4. World Mechanism Challenges – If you complete these world mechanism challenges it will reward you with a chest and opening it gives you Primogems.
  5. Unlocking Domains – Discovering or accessing a domain for the first time will give you Primogems and some special domains will also reward you with Primogems after you complete them.
  6. Top-Up – If you do not mind spending real money on the game, another way to get Primogems is to buy crystals from the e-shop and then exchange those crystals for Primogems.
    1. To do that, just click on Paimon’s icon found on the upper left corner of the screen or press Esc (on PC) then click the Shop icon.
    2. Go to the Crystal Top-Up tab then select the amount of crystals that you would like to purchase.
    3. Now that you have your crystals, click on the plus (+) button beside the number of Primogems to exchange the crystals.
    1. Blessing of Welkin Moon – This is also a top-up method but instead of purchasing crystals, you will buy a kind of subscription item. While this item is active, every time you log into the game you will receive 90 Primogems. Its duration is 30 days but if you do not login for a day, the 90 Primogems reward for that day will be lost. Aside from the daily Primogems, you will also receive 300 crystals upon subscribing.

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