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“Dead men tell no tales.”  Whoever said that line has not heard of Lazy Bear Games’ Graveyard Keeper. This game tells the story of a mysterious bearded man transported into a medieval village from another world.

How to get Technology points in Graveyard Keeper

Against his will, he has been entrusted to manage a cemetery in return for getting a ticket back home. Now he has to learn all the secrets in this strange, unfamiliar world. To uncover some of these deep-rooted truths, he must count on Gerry, a talking skull who will assist him in his first days as a gravedigger. Also, he will have to work with dead bodies to gain Technology points constantly.

Technology points are like resources you can spend in the Technology Tree to unlock technologies and blueprints. Getting their blueprints will allow you to craft machines, learn embalming techniques, become proficient in woodworking, etc. 

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You can accumulate three types of points: Red points, Green points, and Blue points. Some of these points can be limited and difficult to obtain. In addition, figuring out how the Tech Tree system works can be a head-scratcher initially. Trust us when we say this game does not like to spoon-feed players. So we have made a list of where you can get these Technology points, including their requirements and how many you can acquire from them.

Green Technology Points

Green stands for nature, crops, trees, and everything organic. It is no coincidence you can gather Green points from nature. Let’s start with the most attainable (but ironically, the most finite) type of Tech point in the game.

Extracting the flesh from a corpse

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Extracting the flesh from a corpse is one of the earliest tasks you are bound to do in the game, much to our grave keeper’s demise. The autopsy table is where you do the deed, earning you 1 Green point and 1 Red point.

Chopping Trees

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Scattered all over the map are trees you can exhaust, except for those requiring Woodcutter technology to access. Shoveling tree stumps will give you 1 Green technology point. Chopping small, big, and dead trees will provide 1 Green point and 1 Red point.

Clearing out Bushes and Debris

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Clearing Bushes and Debris is a vital first step in fixing your cemetery. Each time you dig them out using a shovel, you will acquire 1 Red point and 1 Green point.

Foraging Mushrooms

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Brown and red mushrooms usually spawn near trees or in a damp environment. They will drop 1 Green point when foraged.

Gathering Honey

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Honey can be gathered from trees with beehives, but take heed of bees that will likely sting you and reduce your health. Along with beeswax, honey, and sometimes bees themselves, you can get 1 Green technology point from these beehives.

Removing Vines

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There are prickly-looking vines that can be removed using a shovel. Some of them, oddly enough, will not even budge. Removing these vines earn you 5 Green points.

Harvesting Crops

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After being given access to the garden by the Merchant, you can plant crop seeds which you can purchase from the Farmer and Dig in the Village. Harvesting crops will give you 5 Green points each.

Picking Apples

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You can see some apple trees near the beach and the Lighthouse. You may also plant apple trees in the Orchard after getting seedlings from Clotho the Witch. Picking apples will give you 1 Green point.

Harvesting Berries

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Berry bushes are scattered worldwide, although they’re less abundant than trees. You can plant these bushes in the Orchard. Harvesting berries from the bushes will give you 1 Green point.

Obtaining Clay and Making Ceramics

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Clay and Ceramic Bowls are quest items for the bishop, Episcop. A Clay deposit can be found just south of your cemetery. Digging them out will give you 1 Green point. Making Ceramics in the Furnace will provide 1 Green point and 1 Red point.

Digging out Sand

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River sand can only be unearthed after unlocking the Sand Mining technology. You can easily spot a sand mound near the river in your workplace. After digging them out, you will receive 1 Green point.

Cooking Food

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Crafting food items will give you rations to replenish energy and 1 Green point. You may obtain recipes by interacting with NPCs and looting old chests in your workplace.

Researching items

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You can research items to garner Tech points once you access the Church and the Underground Laboratory. You may want to hover over an item first to see which Tech point you will get before studying them.

Red Technology Points

Red points are primarily obtained by doing physical work or crafting materials. These Tech points may be easier to acquire, but labor activities such as forging tools will deplete your energy faster. 

Breaking and mining rocks

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Gathering rocks are essential in making different tools, but you can also obtain red points from them. Breaking stones and mining Iron ores will each give you 1 Red point.

Crafting paper

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You can also get Red points for crafting the paper. For instance, you will earn 1 Red point and 1 Blue point from making Pigskin Paper.

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The number of points you will get from crafting wooden materials will vary on the item. Wooden Flitches, Billet, and Firewood are practically accessible at the start, so they will only give you 1 point. The Carpenter’s Workbench lets you make Wooden Planks and Grave Fences that provide you with 2 Red points. Making Wooden Grave Crosses, on the other hand, will earn you 4 points.


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Crafting simple stone materials such as Nails or Simple Iron Parts will only give you 1 Red point, while Gravestones will drop 5 Red points when crafted.

Making items in the Furnace

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The Furnace lets you create all kinds of essential materials necessary to progress in the game—making items in the Furnace can give you Red or Blue points, although you will not get many points.

Making tools and weapons

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If you need rusty tools (in case your whetstone breaks), you can forge them in the Anvil. However, it is not a complete waste as you will also get 5 Red points. Your rusty tools will eventually break upon continuous use, but you will not need to replace them if you have a Whetstone.

Decorating a grave

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Gravesites need to be embellished with crosses and gravestones to maintain the quality of the cemetery. Each time you decorate a grave, you will receive 1 Red point.

Blue Technology Points

Blue points are the hardest to come by, even though you must spend many of them in the Technology tree. Doing Theology-based activities will earn you all the Blue points that you need. To help you with this, we have prepared a list of some of the easiest ways to obtain Blue points.

Researching body parts

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Apart from studying items, you can also research various body parts from corpses in the Study Table. You may get 20 to 50 Blue points depending on which grave part you decide to go for. However, it would be best to spend Science and Faith points before studying them.

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Note: Science points and Faith points are what you lose if you dedicate yourself too much to researching the unknown. The most straightforward way to get Science points is by breaking down Clean Papers in the Study Table. Giving sermons in the Church usually supply you with Faith Points.

Crafting Stone Grave Fences

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Making Stone Grave Fences is possibly one of the easiest ways to get Blue points. You can obtain 5 Blue points and 2 Red points from crafting Stone Grave Fences. Since Stone Grave Fences are needed in revitalizing your cemetery, try to make stacks of Stone Grave Fences as long as you have a substantial supply of Stones.

Purchasing Books from the Astrologer

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Buying books from the Astrologer is another easy method to gain Technology points if you have enough money. One Blue point book costs a hefty amount of 5 silver, but it will give you 25 Blue points.

Writing Stories, Notes, Prayers, etc.

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After amassing many writing tools, you can start your journey as an author. Getting there is not easy, though. Before writing on your desk, you must unlock several technologies and gather scarce materials. Ultimately, it will all be worth it as you earn 3 to 5 Blue points each time you write literary works.

There are plenty of other ways to acquire Blue points, but the ones mentioned above are the easiest to achieve. If you have not been grinding for more than 10 hours or purchased the DLCs, you can refer to the tips from this guide.


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