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Crazy Defense Heroes is one of the latest NFT games to hit the market. The developers have incorporated a system wherein you can earn TOWER Tokens monthly depending on whether or not you reach the XP threshold set by the developers. Easy as it may sound, this can be quite challenging for a strategic game like Crazy Defense Heroes.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Crazy Defense Heroes

Crazy Defense Heroes mixes tower defense elements with card-based strategy systems. It’s a complex game that, if not played properly, will give you a hard time. With these tips and tricks, however, earning the XP you need for your monthly serving of TOWER tokens will be very easy.

Always Put Towers In Entry And Exit Points

As this is a tower defense game, it matters how you place your towers on the map. In the case of Crazy Defense Heroes, you should put your initial towers at the entry and exit points on the map. These are the places where the enemies will spawn from and will try to escape out of as well.


This is a good strategy, as towers can attack enemies that are not even in your view yet. For instance, your towers will begin to attack the enemies even before they come into view after spawning from the entry point. While this is only a matter of a few inches, this extra attack window will matter more later in the game once enemies become too powerful to handle.

Study All Of Your Cards Well

You’ll be getting many cards you can play with throughout your time in Crazy Defense Heroes. When you get new ones, you might not feel encouraged to explore using new cards, especially if you’ve already found ones that work for you. However, remember that each card or tower in the game will serve a specific purpose, so you must know what they are for.

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While some cards may seem weak, they are most likely used to counter specific enemy types in the game. The more aware you are of what they can do, the more useful they’ll be when the time comes you go on a mission. Don’t forget to study all the cards that you have, as eventually, you’ll be using most of them.

Only Do What You Can Finish

There’s a limited amount of things you can do in the game, considering that you have limited energy to spend on activities. Once you initiate a mission and fail to complete it because of its difficulty, you won’t be able to get the energy you spent back, making it important that you only do what you are confident you can finish.


You can check out a level and its requirements at the starting menu. Prepare well, as it will help you avoid costly mistakes later on.

Don’t Sleep On One-Time Use Cards

Most players only focus on using tower cards, but that’s a big mistake. You should also spend points on one-time-use cards. For instance, you should always check out the Beartrap card. These are one-time use for a reason: they are powerful. The Beartrap card, for instance, can instantly kill an enemy, so make sure to time how to use it properly.

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One-time use cards often take a ton of your resources, but they’re worth it, so you time them properly. They are best used for certain situations, such as when you feel as if you’re about to be overwhelmed by an enemy wave. Make sure to understand how the card works so that you can put it to good use.

Read The Bestiary

Don’t forget to read the bestiary every once in a while. This will be your central source of information about the enemies you’ll face in the game. Keep in mind that each enemy will have its weaknesses and strengths. The more you know what these are, the more you’ll be capable of countering them if they spawn during a mission.

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You can access the bestiary in battle from the options menu. You’ll always have access to it, so put it to good use. The Bestiary will reveal an enemy’s stats and weaknesses, which is helpful if you struggle with a certain mission.

Speed Up Battles When You Can

Grinding for XP can be quite tough. There will be times when the game will feel like a slog to go through, and at these times, it would be wise to consider speeding up battles when you can. By speeding up battles, you can go through a level a lot quicker than normal. However, this also puts you at risk of being unable to catch up with the enemies.

Make sure only to speed up battles when you’re already comfortable with the towers you have in the game. In most cases, speeding up the battle will help you get through missions much quicker, allowing you to get more XP over time.

These are just some quick tips on how you can get more XP, then get more money through Crazy Defense Heroes. Always keep in mind that it’s a game that’s purely about strategy. Keep learning more about the game’s mechanics; eventually, you can master its combat system well enough not to struggle in the toughest missions.

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