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Duality is lore cinematic for Valorant, Riot Games’ first-person shooter title. With the release in May 2021, players learned more about the game’s in-game lore, which remained relatively undiscovered until this point. Along with the cinematic is a player card also titled Duality, which players could get for free.

How to Get Valorant Duality

However, obtaining the free player card was fraught with problems. It was infuriating for players who participated, from overloaded servers to missing cards. Read on to find out how to get it today.

How to Get a Valorant Duality Card?

In Valorant, player cards serve as your account’s background image. Players can freely swap between cards they have between games. When you go into a lobby, spot yourself on the loading screen, or kill a player, anyone involved will see your icon.

Currently, there are 208 player cards in Valorant, some of which are only available to select groups of players. As for the one named Duality, all players were able to get it.

  1. Log into your Riot account. Head to the official redemption website.

  2. Enter “YTILAUD” (despite regular codes having to be 12 digits). Here is the original process:
  3. After the code is accepted, exit the website.
  4. Launch Valorant.
  5. Go to your collection and then the “Arsenal” tab.
  6. Select “Player Card.”
  7. Assuming the process went off without a hitch, you should see the Duality player card in your inventory.

The code is “DUALITY,” spelled backward if you did not notice.

Players were given 48 hours to get the card, and it would be unavailable for redemption afterward. Things were looking good – at least for the first day.

It fell apart soon after, though.

Due to the hype and popularity of the cinematic, many players tried to log in at once. Everyone was encouraged to refresh their browsers or wait for several hours. The surge in players using the website resulted in the redemption website crashing, showing 504 errors for many users.

Refreshing and waiting helped, but Riot decided to remove the time limit because of the numerous player complaints. The official Twitter account for Valorant announced the decision at the beginning of June, a day after Duality was released.

However, while the redemption process continued, the errors and server crashes were never completely resolved, and many players still could not get the player card.

A few days later, after the initial Twitter announcement, the official Twitter account made another announcement. Riot decided to eliminate the problem instead of fixing the redemption website and managing the servers. All existing accounts created by the day of the announcement would receive the Duality player card.

Fortunately, this worked out for most players, who found a pleasant surprise the next time they looked in their inventories. It was a positive note to end on, and thankfully, there have not been problems ever since.

However, you would unfortunately not receive the player card if you made an account after June 7, 2021. As it was a limited item, this is to be expected. There will not be another way to get it in the future.

The Duality Player Card

Riot Games spent lots of time making this exclusive player card look fantastic. Just like the cinematic, it featured five of the game’s Agents:

  • Yoru
  • Jett
  • Viper
  • Cypher
  • Phoenix

The video involved one team facing another, preventing the latter from stealing the Radianite. All five were facing and entering a portal to another world, just like in Duality the cinematic. Phoenix is perplexed by seeing an evil alternate version of himself with identical powers.

In all, players would notice that Valorant involved the possibility of having the same Agent in both teams, referencing the game in real life.

Getting Other Player Cards

Duality is not the only coveted player card out there. If you only recently created an account, you can still get fabulous cards to show off.

There are currently 16 Agents in Valorant, with more to come. Each has two-player cards, one you get after reaching Tiers 2 or 3. The second card is unlocked upon reaching Tier 9.

With these Agent Contracts, you will unlock 32 player cards, but there are more if you want them.

With every new season, the old player cards are made unobtainable. Other cards are unlocked when you progress through the game’s battle passes. Both free and paid passes have player cards, with the latter having up to 10 more than the three free icons.

You can also get player cards by purchasing them individually or as part of Collection Bundles. These cost money, of course, though the cost is absorbed when you receive one in a bundle.

Occasionally, Riot Games also releases player cards you can get through code redemption. Duality fell under this category until it was given to everyone. The Pride series was obtainable this way too.

There were also other cards currently unobtainable or rewarded for completing specific tasks in Valorant. Everyone also gets the “Valorant” player card by default, and it is the first one you will equip.

As there is one called “Year One,” we can expect more as the game gets older and we reach the game’s anniversaries.

Counterparts From Another Dimension

The Duality player card was popular enough that it caused online rioting, thanks to how many people failed to redeem it. Fortunately, Riot Games managed to solve the problem and gift it to all current players at the time.

What is your favorite player card other than Duality? Did you manage to get the player card on release day? Let us know in the comments section below.

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