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Playing Ghostrunner you will immediately notice that this is a skillful game. Your actions have consequences, and you need to be at your best game to progress. Sometimes you’ll be required to execute a sequence of moves, which means you should learn how to dodge as well.

Ghostrunner: How to Dodge

Dodging goes in combination with other moves in order to defeat your adversaries. It’s fairly straightforward to do, but to master it can be a tad more difficult.

Nevertheless, that’s why we considered explaining how to dodge in Ghostrunner.

Dodge Move – Ghostrunner

Playing the first levels of the game will teach you most of the skills, but it can be overwhelming to learn all of the unique moves at once.

As I said, it’s really easy to dodge, especially if you use your sensory boost to slow down the time. Shots on you can be easily dodged, since you can see them in slow motion and calibrate your move.

Without wasting any more time, this is how to dodge in Ghostrunner:

  1. Initiate sensory boost while in the air, using your shift button. Keep in mind, you must hold it.
  2. Once you see an attack, either click A or D to strafe in the direction you want.
  3. After that you can either dodge again, or release shift to stop the sensory boost.

It might sound simple on paper, and while technically it is, mastering this skill to make more complex movements can be more challenging.

When you release shift, you will lung forward at the area you are aiming at. So, it’s best to dodge an attack and lunge at your enemy ferociously.

This is because, your enemies will take some time to shoot at you again, which gives you some time to eliminate them. Good luck!

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