Ghostrunner: Sensory Boost



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Ghostrunner requires a lot of focus to be played. It’s has many fast-paced mechanics of combat like the legendary sensory boost. You slow down time with sensory boost and your senses are heightened.

Ghostrunner: Sensory Boost

It’s probably one of the most notable mechanics in the game. Ghostrunner is a very special game with many unseen mechanics, hence its specialty. Nevertheless, we will tell you everything you need to know about the sensory boost and how to do it.

Let’s get right to it.

Sensory Boost – Ghostrunner

While you slow down time, you can do many numbers of actions depending on your situation. However, be careful because your sensory boost can only last a certain amount of time.

This skill requires a lot of focus and energy, hence the short time-frame. Nonetheless, once you start to use it regularly, you will quickly master this move.

The sensory boost can be initiated by holding shift while in the air. After initiation, you can choose what your next move should be depending on the situation, i.e. to attack, to dodge, to run, etc.

In order to have the sensory boost active for more time, you will have to hold shift. After you are done with the move, aim at the place you want to land or attack and release the shift button. This will lunge you forwards.

You will find yourself using this skill in movement too. Being a fast-paced game, sometimes you will need extra boosts, or corrections to your movement to successfully move around. Using the boost will help you do this.

Furthermore, as you know the enemies can attack pretty fast in Ghostrunner. Well, that shouldn’t be surprising but my point is that dodging will be very important.

Using the sensory boost to dodge is probably the best way this skill can be used. Good luck hacking and slashing.

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