God of War Trophies Revealed (Spoilers)


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The embargo on God of War reviews ends April 12, 2018, several days before its release. That’s great if you are on the fence about buying it and need convincing one way or the other but if you are attempting to stay spoiler free before playing it, you might want to stay clear of the internet.
Trophy lists are almost always a source of spoilers. You have been warned – stop reading now if you are avoiding too many details as the complete trophy list is up next.
God of War Trophy List – Spoilers!
Father and Son – Obtain all other trophies
The Journey Begins – Defend your home from The Stranger
A New Friend – Survive the Witch’s Woods
Feels Like Home – Allow the Light Elves to return home
Dragon Slayer – Defeat the Dragon of the Mountain
Troubling Consequences – Defeat Magni and Modi
Hello, Old Friend – Retrieve the Blades of Dragon
Promise fulfilled – Heal Atreus
Round 2 – Rescue Atreus
Past Haunts – Ride the ship out of Helheim
Twilight Beckons – Defeat Baldur
Last Wish – Spread the ashes
Beneath the Surface – Explore all the Lake of Nine has to offer
Death Happened Here – Fully explore Veithurgard
Trilingual – Learn the Languages of Muspelheim and Nilfheim
Dwarven Ingenuity – Upgrade a piece of Armor
Nice Moves – Obtain a Runic Attack Gem
Iðunn’s Orchard – Fully upgrade your Health
Quick-tempered – Fully upgrade your rage
Best Dresses – Craft an outfit for Atreus
Enchanted – Slot an Enchantment into your Armor
All Will Fall – Kill 1000 enemies
Dangerous Skies – Free all of the Dragons
Like oil and water – Complete all of Brok and Sindri’s Favors
Curator – Collect all of the Artifacts
All Father Blinded – Kill all of Odin’s Ravens
The Best Moves – Fully upgrade a Runic Attack
Worthy – Fully upgrade the Leviathan Axe
Why Fight It? – Fully upgrade the Blade of Chaos
Path of the Zealot – Obtain Traveler Armor Set
Primordial – Obtain Ancient armor Set
Unfinished business – Assist all of the wayward spirits
treasure Hunter – Use treasure maps to find all of the dig spots
The Truth – Read all of the Jötnar shrines
Fire and Brimstone – Complete all of the Trials Muspelheim
Darkness and Fog – Retrieve all treasure from Workshop’s center chamber
Chooser of the Slain – Defeat the Nine Valkyries
God of War is the hotly anticipated re-imagining of a PlayStation iconic franchise that sees our anti-hero Kratos moving from Greek to Norse Mythology and releases on April 20, 2018. Expect our review very soon.

God of War Trophies Revealed (Spoilers)

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