Thor’s Gorr the God Butcher Announced for Marvel Contest of Champions


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Thor: Love and Thunder is set to come out next week, and while everyone is excited, Marvel Contest of Champions has revealed several upcoming characters from the film.

Thor's Gorr the God Butcher Announced for Marvel Contest of Champions

Check out Gorr the God Butcher, Valkyrie, and Jane Foster’s Thor:

Gorr the God Butcher has come to Asgard in search of gods and Valkyrie does not disappoint in this Champion Reveal Trailer!

While Gorr has a pretty different appearance in the comics, the Gorr in the game will be drawing inspiration from the movie version. Granted, there are still some changes with the character, specifically with his pants. I guess it would be easier to animate than the flowing robe that they gave him in the movie.

We also get a look at both Gorr and Valkyrie’s skillsets. While we’ve already had a look at Valkyrie and her dragon fang from Ragnarok, I’m very curious about the weapon that Gorr is wielding in the film. Why exactly does it grant him the ability to slay gods, and why is he so intent on killing gods in the first place?

While the characters have certainly been revealed together, that doesn’t mean that they’ll all be dropping at the same time. Gorr is expected to hit the game earliest with a release set for July 15, then Valkyrie is set to follow with a July 28 release.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters July 8. Marvel Contest of Champions is now available for Android and iOS.

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