Green Hell : Best Base Location



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You must find the best place to settle down in Green Hell. This can have an impact on how fast you progress through the game.

Green Hell : Best Base Location

Specific locations provide more water, food possibilities, safety, environmental advantages, and many other things. Your base is the pillar for your advancement through this turbulent world. When looking for locations, you have to keep in mind all these things and plan future developments in your base, and would it be possible.

Sometimes the best places for a base are not the prettiest. While esthetics do matter to players, they hold no significance to the threats you face in the game. So, keep this in mind when choosing a location. We have the best base locations in Green Hell outlined below.

Best Base Location In Green Hell

What are the things you need from a base? Adequate shelter, safety, advancement opportunities, good location, food source, and water source. We’ve compiled a list based on these things, let’s find out best base locations in Green Hell below :

Coordinates: 28W 34S

Advantages: Clean water source, no water collectors, water deep enough for fish traps, a crate for storage, tables, and shelves in tent suitable for storage, safe fire in tent protected from the rain.

Here you don’t have to build in the tent necessarily, but it is a very cost-effective way. And the tent has a good enough structure.

Coordinates: 26W 27S

Advantages: Many herbs and fruits, a fair amount of trees, ample open space suitable for a more significant base, possible to build the base in water.

This is an excellent spot for new players because there are a lot of possibilities for growth. And there are many fruits and plants which you will need. Also, wood gathering is straightforward.

However, it can be dangerous too, don’t travel southwest because there are Caiman.

Coordinates: 35W 25S

Advantages: Level area, many trees, ample open space, many plants, clean water source, fishing location, beautiful place.

This place is better if you want to create a more beautiful camp, with a good location. It’s pretty safe, but be careful of the plants here.

These are all three great locations for a camp, but consider choosing one from the second two if you are a new player. The first is doable, but you needn’t essentials if you are starting the game. Good luck, survivor!

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