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In Wasteland 3, there are a lot of interesting NPCs and mobs you can run into. In most games, these NPCs don’t affect the outcome of the game. However, this is far from the truth in Wasteland 3. Each decision, each conversation, each interaction can significantly impact the storyline in the game.

Wasteland 3 - Mama Cotter Location (Unwelcome Guests)

That’s why in Wasteland 3, you need to be careful about how you play the game, each of your decision has to be thought out.

Even though NPCs change the whole narrative in this game, of course, there are ordinary non-player characters that don’t. There is an NPC called Mama Cotter, and she is one of those who can. You will need to know Mama Cotter location to finish the quest “Unwelcome Guests.”

Mama Cotter Location In Wasteland 3

Mama Cotter is an interesting rebel. She is older than the wrinkles on her skin make her out to be. She is slowly fading away like an old oak tree, yet she is still grasping onto being the best rebel.

She is a famous refugee smuggler, and you will confront her on your journey on the Unwelcome Guests quest.

Once you reach the point where you have convinced Jones to transport the refugees, you will need to go to Downtown Colorado Springs with the Kodiak.

Mamma Cotter is located: As soon as you enter Downtown Colorado Springs, Mama Cotter can be found in a small camp south from you.

This is where you interact with this NPC, and you will have to confront her with what happened with the smugglers. Keep in mind that you risk your reputation either with the Hundred Families or the Westlander Refugees when interacting with Mama Cotter.

You will have three choices: Tell her to stop smuggling, let Cotter continue to smuggle, or arrest Mama Cotter, so choose wisely. Good luck, Ranger!

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