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Learn how to complete An American Welcome mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: An American Welcome Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor met Joe and Josef in Sandy Shores when he spotted them inspecting a random vehicle in one of the parking lots in the area. After a brief introduction, the trio apprehended illegal immigrants at Yellow Jack Inn.

In An American Welcome Mission, Trevor spots Joe and Josef again near the Alamo Sea while the pair waits for their next target. Trevor joins the pair as their designated driver.

We have outlined everything you need to know about An American Welcome and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

An American Welcome Synopsis

While driving through one of the dirt tracks by Alamo Sea, Trevor spots a familiar Park Ranger vehicle parked along the side of the road. Trevor exits his vehicle and inspects the Park Ranger but finds nobody inside.

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A few moments later, Trevor is held at gunpoint by Joe and Josef with their stun guns. Trevor is startled by Joe and Josef’s approach, but Joe and Josef quickly recognize Trevor and lower their guard.

Not soon after, Joe spots a few suspect individuals that he believes are illegal immigrants. He pulls in Trevor to help him, and Josef captures the individuals. Once again, Trevor is made the trio’s designated driver, and the trio quickly heads to the target destination.

Trevor quickly disables the first set of immigrants, and Joe and Josef get to work to bring him inside the Park Ranger. With the first target secured, the trio heads to the nearby cement factory to capture the rest of the illegal immigrants.

Two dirt bike men run for it as soon as the trio arrives at the cement factory. The trio chases after both motorbikes but has to settle for just one. Trevor successfully downs the immigrant with his stun gun, and Joe gets to work loading the immigrant into the Park Ranger.

The trio heads to the last immigrant’s location, just a few meters away. Josef spots the last immigrant and orders him to enter the Park Ranger. With all three suspects in the Park, Ranger Joe and Josef drive away, leaving Trevor nowhere. Joe thanks Trevor for his services.

An American Welcome Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Downed: Stop the 1st group of immigrants within 30 seconds
  • Double Downed: Stop the 2nd group of immigrants within 55 seconds
  • Shock and Awe: Use the stun gun to stop all immigrants

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

An American Welcome Mission Guide

Intercept the suspect marked red on the map.

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Use the break in the barrier and jump over the cliff as a shortcut. This will help you down the first immigrant in less than 30 seconds and get you the Downed Gold Medal Objective.

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Stay as close as possible to the incoming suspect on his ATV. He should fall automatically.

4 14

Double tap the immigrant with your stun gun to get the Shock and Awe Gold Medal Objective.

5 12

Wait for Joe and Josef to load the suspect into the Park Ranger, then head toward the yellow cement factory on the map.

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7 12

The two suspects will try to flee on their dirt bikes. Stay as close as possible to either one and wait for Joe or Josef to take them down with their stun guns.

The Park Ranger should easily be able to keep up with the immigrants on their dirt bikes. Keep close and down them as quickly as possible to get the Double Downed Gold Medal Objective.

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Leave the first target for now. Keep tracking the second one until he is successfully downed with the stun gun.

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Remember to shoot the immigrant with your stun gun to complete the Shock and Awe Gold Medal Objective.

10 8

Go back to the first target.

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12 7

Joe and Josef will want to leave the area on their own, thus leaving Trevor behind. You will be required to exit the vehicle if you aren’t out of the vehicle already.

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15 6

Twisted Patriotism

Trevor doesn’t mind getting ordered around by Joe and Josef since he receives a small pay for his services anyway, but he is starting to doubt the legitimacy of The Civil Border Patrol.

An American Welcome is a quick and easy mission requiring driving around and intercepting The Civil Border Patrol targets. You can easily get all three Gold Medal Objectives in this mission if you know which road to take and where to intercept the immigrants best. Refer to the detailed guide above to easily complete An American Welcome with no less than a Gold Medal in GTA 5.

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