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The team needs some blueprints to plan out the Bureau Raid.

GTA 5: Architect's Plans Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael was met by Dave and Steve Haines at Darnell Bros to give him one last job. Steve Haines tells Michael that they need to gain access to the FIB building and destroy all the evidence about Michael’s past along with Steve and Dave’s past underdealings. To do this, Michael asks for Lester’s help to devise a plan to get inside the FIB building and destroy the evidence once and for all.

Architect’s Plans is a heist-setup mission where Franklin attempts to acquire blueprints from the FIB building’s designer Chip Peterson.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Architect’s Plans and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Architect’s Plans Synopsis

To gain entry to the FIB building, Lester and Michael stake out and follow one of the FIB janitors to his apartment. Michael manages to secure an ID from the janitor, checking off one of the requirements for the mission.

However, Lester tells Michael that he needs more information about the FIB building, and suggests they secure a blueprint of the FIB building. One person who might have a copy of the blueprint is Chip Peterson, the FIB building designer.

A few days later, Franklin sends Michael a text telling him that he’s found Peterson and is planning to tail him to secure the blueprints. Michael gives Franklin a call to remind him not to mess things up.

Franklin enters the construction site where Chip Peterson is currently doing site inspection on. Franklin tails Peterson but is stopped by one of the construction guards for not having a safety hat on. The guard throws Franklin a safety hat, allowing him to blend in with the other construction workers.

You can choose to kill Chip Peterson as soon as you get the hard hat and pick up his briefcase that contains the FIB building blueprints. On the other hand, you can also just follow Chip Peterson around the site and wait until he goes to the rooftop where you can hold him at gunpoint, forcing him to surrender the briefcase. You can also kill him on the rooftop to acquire the blueprints. Either way, you must leave the construction site within 45 seconds to get the Gold Medal objective.

After securing the briefcase, Franklin heads to Darnell Bros to give Lester the blueprints he needs to formulate a plan for the upcoming Bureau raid.

Architect’s Plans Gold Medal Objectives

  • Quick Getaway: Leave the construction site within 45 seconds.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Architect’s Plans Mission Guide

Head to the construction site in Pillbox Hill. Follow the architect marked blue on the map.

As soon as you cross this small office, one of the site guards will stop you and toss you a hard hat.

As soon as Franklin gets a hard hat, the Architect will exit his vehicle and walk towards the blue building. Switch to your gun and kill him to get the briefcase.

Take the architect’s briefcase and leave the area in less than 45 seconds. This will complete the Quick Getaway Gold Medal Objective.

You can even take the architect’s car if you want. The architect’s car is quite fast and can easily outrun the LSPD patrol cars.

Feel free to use Franklin’s special ability when you’re in a pinch.

Drive back to Darnell Bros to deliver the briefcase.

Blueprints Secured

Architect’s Plans is an easy mission since it is just a heist setup mission for the upcoming Bureau raid. With the blueprints secured, Michael, Franklin, and Lester can finally plan out the Bureau Raid and pick the appropriate crew for the job.

While you can wait until Chip Peterson gets to the rooftop to take his briefcase, you also need to consider the Gold Medal Objective where you must leave the construction site within 45 seconds. With this in mind, kill Peterson as soon as you get the hard hat and make a run for it. The LSPD will likely be on your tail as soon as you take out Peterson, but you can easily outrun the LSPD thanks to Franklin’s special ability.

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