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The Big Score is the sixth and final mission for Franklin, Michael, and Trevor.

GTA 5: The Big Score Revenue Breakdown

As the final mission in GTA 5’s story mode, The Big Score gives out the biggest monetary rewards of any mission in GTA 5, with up to $200 Million at stake.

You can take one of two approaches to complete the mission – Obvious or Subtle – but only one of these approaches will net you the maximum amount of money from the heist, assuming everything goes according to plan.

How much do you get from the Big Score?

So how much money do you get from The Big Score? The short answer is over $200 Million, but there are a few more things to consider.

You can get as much as $201,600,000 after completing The Big Score. However, this is only the ‘gross’ amount, and the protagonists still have to split the money among other crew members and Lester.

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are guaranteed at least $9 Million if the mission is completed successfully. That number goes up depending on the approach chosen and how well the crew members handle their end of the mission.

Maximum Revenue Breakdown (Obvious & Subtle Approach)

Of the two approaches, the Obvious approach will net everyone involved in the heist considerably more money compared to the Subtle approach. This is mainly due to the smaller size of the crew required to pull the job off, resulting in more money to split amongst every member of the heist.

On the other hand, going for the Subtle approach will net you slightly less money (up to 370,000) due to Casey’s bribe, getaway vehicle cost, and the addition of another crew member in Rickie Lukens (Hacker)

Below is a list of the maximum possible amounts you can get from The Big Score if everything goes according to plan.

The Obvious Approach

  • Gross: $201,600,000
  • Lester’s cut (12%): $24,192,000
  • Crew cut (26%): $52,415,999
  • Franklin’s cut: $41,665,000
  • Michael’s cut: $41,665,000
  • Trevor’s cut: $41,665,000

The Subtle Approach

  • Gross: $201,600,000
  • Casey’s Bribe: $300,000
  • Net: $201,300,000
  • Lester’s cut (12%): $24,156,000
  • Crew cut (35%): $70,454,999
  • Franklin’s cut: $35,563,000
  • Michael’s cut: $35,563,000
  • Trevor’s cut: $35,563,000

Minimum Revenue Breakdown (Obvious & Subtle Approach)

The above amounts can get even lower if you choose a dud Driver 1 for the mission. Choosing a poor Driver 1 will almost guarantee a helicopter crash during the getaway, causing up to 50% of the total take to be lost.

You can also lose considerable money in the Subtle approach if you hire a poor Driver 1 and Gunman 1 for the job. This will almost guarantee one of the Gauntlets crashing later in the getaway, causing you and the rest of the crew to lose 25% of the maximum take.

The Obvious Approach

  • Gross: $201,600,000
  • Money Lost: $100,800,000
  • Net: $100,800,000
  • Lester’s cut (12%): $12,096,000
  • Crew cut (35%): $40,320,000
  • Casualty Expenses: 12,096,000
  • Franklin’s cut: $12,096,000
  • Michael’s cut: $12,096,000
  • Trevor’s cut: $12,096,000

The Subtle Approach

  • Gross: $201,600,000
  • Casey’s Bribe: $300,000
  • Slow Loading Cost: $18,177,000
  • Money Lost: $45,795,750
  • Net: $137,387,250
  • Lester’s cut (12%): $16,486,469
  • Crew cut (55%): $75,562,983
  • Franklin’s cut: $9,617,109
  • Michael’s cut: $9,617,109
  • Trevor’s cut: $9,617,109

Last Payday

Looking at the above numbers for both approaches, The Big Score is truly the biggest score for our beloved protagonists. In the worst-case scenario, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor end up with just $9 Million each, which isn’t too bad considering so much of the total take was lost due to crew mistakes or failures.

With that said, if you are looking to get the best possible payday of your life in GTA 5, the Obvious approach is the approach to take for the last mission in-game.

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