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Franklin takes Isaac Penny for the ride of his life.

GTA 5: The Bus Assassination Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Sometime later, in GTA 5’s main storyline, Lester and Franklin formed an informal partnership that sought to take down corrupt VIPs while making decent money on the side. Franklin does all the dirty work, while Lester works in the background, investing whatever money he can in the appropriate stocks.

This time, Lester asks Franklin to take down a man called Isaac Penny. Fortunately for Franklin, Isaac still takes the bus to work, making it easy to track him down and assassinate him once and for all.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Bus Assassination mission and how you can get a ton of money and a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Bus Assassination Synopsis

While strolling along Downtown Los Santos, Franklin comes across a ringing payphone. He picks up the payphone and asks the person on the other end of the line: “Who don’t you like today?” knowing Lester is the person on the phone.

Lester immediately goes into the details of the next assassination assignment. Lester asks Franklin to look for a guy named Isaac Penny, a major shareholder in Vapid Motor Company, who is looking to get rid of thousands of workers when he takes over the company.

Lester tells Franklin that despite being a billionaire, Isaac still prefers to take the bus to and from work daily. With that in mind, Franklin heads to the Dashound Bus Station to pick up a bus he uses to find Isaac Penny.

Franklin makes a couple of stops through multiple buses stops around town. Eventually, one passenger berates Franklin for being late. When Franklin asks if he is Isaac Penny, Isaac gets off the bus, steals a random person’s bike, and flees from Franklin.

Franklin chases Isaac Penny for a few blocks before finally assassinating him. After the job is complete, Franklin calls Lester to let him know the job is done.

The Bus Assassination Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time: Time is taken to complete the mission.
  • Hit and Run: Kill the target using the bus.
  • Money Earned: Money earned from the hit.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Bus Assassination Mission Guide

Note: Before you start the Bus Assassination mission, it is recommended that you complete the GTA 5 Main Storyline first. This way, all three protagonists will have a considerable amount of money they can invest in stocks.

Invest the money of all three protagonists in Vapid (VAP) AFTER completing the Bus Assassination mission. Wait a few in-game days for the stock to mature, then sell off all of the protagonists’ stocks for profit.

Head to the bus station marked blue on the map.

Get inside the bus and make your way to each bus stop marked yellow on the map.

You need to pick up a few passengers along the way. You will make at least three bus stops before you encounter Isaac Penny.

Isaac Penny will try to flee from Franklin after he realizes that Franklin knows who he is. Chase him down and eliminate him using the bus. This will complete the Hit and Run Gold Medal Objective.

Leave the area. Franklin will call Lester as soon as you are far enough from the scene.

Bus Driver

The Bus Assassination mission is a fun mission where you can moonlight as a bus driver while searching for Isaac Penny. When you encounter Isaac Penny, get ready to chase him down using the bus. Take your time, as the mission does not have a specific time requirement.

Make sure to use the bus to kill Isaac Penny. You can crash into him using the bus and kill him to get the Hit and Run Gold Medal Objective.

Lastly, do not forget to invest in Vapid Motorsports stocks after you have completed the mission. Use Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s money and invest it in the VAP stock in BAWSAQ to get a ton of extra cash.

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