GTA 5: Carbine Rifles Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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Michael steals weapons from a NOOSE team.

GTA 5: Carbine Rifles Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Carbine Rifles is a heist setup mission for The Jewel Store Job’s Loud Approach. The mission is done by Michael and involves stealing a NOOSE vehicle loaded with weapons.

While Carbine Rifles is a simple heist setup mission, it is an essential mission that you need to complete with a Gold Medal if you want to finish GTA 5 with 100% completion.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Carbine Rifles and how you can get a Gold Medal from completing this mission in GTA 5.

Carbine Rifles Synopsis

Lester sends Michael a text informing him of a NOOSE team making their way to Palomino Avenue. Lester instructs Michael to steal the NOOSE vehicle and drive it back to Darnell Bros, so they can use the weapons and the vehicle for the upcoming Jewel Store job.

Michael makes his way to the target location, intercepts the NOOSE vehicle, and wipes the area clean of NOOSE agents before taking the vehicle and driving it back to Darnell Bros. However, Michael instantly gets a three-star wanted level that you need to clear before you can take the vehicle to the target location.

After successfully outrunning the cops, Michael drives back to Darnell Bros and parks the vehicle in the designated spot. He gives Lester a call to let him know he has successfully completed the task.

Carbine Rifles Gold Medal Objectives

  • Swift Getaway: Lost the wanted level within 2 minutes.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Carbine Rifles Mission Guide

Choose the Loud Approach for the Jewel Store Heist. Otherwise, the Carbine Rifles heist setup mission will not be available in-game.

Lester will send Michael a text informing him of a NOOSE team heading toward Palomino Avenue. Head to the location and keep your eyes peeled for the incoming NOOSE team.

Block the NOOSE vehicle with your own car. Use Michael’s special ability to kill all the agents.

Run away from the cops. Make sure you get away in less than two minutes to get the Swift Getaway Gold Medal objective.

After successfully losing the cops, take the vehicle back to Darnell Bros marked yellow on the map.

Park the vehicle in the designated spot. This will end the mission.

Easy Peasy

The Carbine Rifles mission in GTA 5 is a very easy mission to complete and get a Gold Medal in. Clearing the NOOSE agents should be a piece of cake, thanks to Michael’s special ability.

If you opt for the Loud Approach in the Jewel Store Heist, make sure you do your best to get the Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5, as there is no way to replay the mission if you miss the Gold Medal objective the first time around.

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