How To Get Into a Submarine in GTA 5


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Learn how to get into your submarine in GTA 5.

How To Get Into a Submarine in GTA 5

Submarines offer an experience you won’t get with any other vehicle in GTA 5 – the ability to explore GTA 5’s deep seas. While there’s generally not much to see underwater, underwater exploration is well worth your time as you will find treasures such as briefcases full of cash and the sought-after Railgun in the deep sea.

Before you can explore the oceans’ depths, however, you will need to know how to get into a submarine in GTA 5 first. This quick guide will show you how to get into a submarine.

Where do you get a submarine in GTA 5?

You can only get two types of submarine in GTA 5 Offline – the Kraken Submersible and the Kraken Kraken. Meanwhile, other submersible vehicles can also be found in GTA Online, including the Toreador, Kosatka, Avisa, and Stromberg.

Where to find the Kraken Submersible in GTA 5 Offline

In GTA 5 Offline, you can find the Kraken Submersible at the Sonar Collections Dock after you purchase the property. You can also find the Kraken Submersible in Sandy Shores Airfield next to the water tower after you complete The Merryweather Heist.

Where to find the Kraken Kraken in GTA 5 Offline

The other submarine you can get in GTA 5 Offline is the Kraken Kraken. You can purchase the Kraken Kraken from DockTease for $1,325,000.

A screenshot of the Kraken Kraken in GTA 5

Where to get Submarines in GTA Online

You can also find the Kraken Submersible in GTA Online in the following locations.

  • Sonar Collections Dock
  • Near the Humane Labs and Research Building
  • At the Marina
  • Los Santos Naval Port on Elysian Island

Alternatively, you can purchase submarines in GTA 5 Online from their manufacturers.

  • Kraken Kraken – DockTease ($1,325,000)
  • Toreador – Warstock Cache & Carry ($4,250,000)
  • Kosatka – Warstock Cache & Carry ($2,200,000 – $9,085,000)
  • Avisa – Warstock Cache & Carry ($1,545,000)
  • Stormberg – Warstock Cache & Carry ($2,500,000/$1,875,000 trade price)

How to get into a Submarine?

Submarines such as the Submersible, Kraken, and Kosatka will require you to get on top of the vehicle before pressing the enter button on your keyboard or controller.

  1. Get on top of the Submarine. (Works for all types of top-entry submarines such as Submersible, Kraken, or Kosatka)
A screenshot of the Kraken Kraken in GTA 5

2. Press the ‘Enter’ button.

  • F Button on PC
  • Triangle Button on PlayStation
  • Y Button on Xbox
A screenshot of the Kraken Kraken in GTA 5

Is there a submarine cheat in GTA 5?

Yes, a submarine cheat in GTA 5 will allow you to spawn the Kraken Submarine in GTA 5. However, you must complete the Wildlife Photography Challenge before using the cheat to spawn the submarine.

  • PlayStation – Dial 1-999-282-2537
  • Xbox – Dial 1-999-282-2537

You can use the cheat codes above after you complete the Wildlife Photography Challenge. For PC, you can enter the cheat code in the cheat console by pressing the “`” button. You must use the in-game smartphone to spawn a submarine using cheats for consoles.

Yellow Submarine

Getting into a submarine isn’t too difficult as you can enter these underwater vehicles by pressing the same button you would use to enter other vehicles. Get on top of the submarine’s hatch, then press the ‘Enter’ button to get inside.

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