How To Use Elevators in GTA 5


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Found an elevator in GTA 5 but don’t know how to use it? We have you covered.

How To Use Elevators in GTA 5

You will encounter several elevators as you play through GTA 5’s Story Missions and while playing GTA Online. But how exactly do these mechanical transporters work in-game? Don’t worry; this quick guide will show you how to use elevators.

Do Elevators Work in GTA 5?

Elevators work, but they are only usable during missions. Some of the missions that involve the use of elevators include:

  • Humane Labs (Monkey Business)
  • FIB Building (The Bureau Raid)
  • Union Depository (The Big Score)
  • Mile High Club (Architect’s Plans & The Construction Assassination)

Similar to GTA 5 Offline, you cannot use the elevators found in the locations listed above in GTA Online. However, players with high-end apartments can access an elevator to transport them from the apartment suite to the garage.

How to Use Elevators in GTA 5

All you need to do to use elevators is press the “E” button on your keyboard or tap the onscreen button prompt on your controller.

You can enter Elevators in GTA 5 but you cannot use them to move to other floors.

As mentioned in the previous section, you can only use elevators while doing a mission in Story Mode. GTA Online players can only use elevators found within high-end apartments to travel from the suites to the apartment’s garage area.

Where are the Elevators in GTA 5?

The game has at least six elevators, but you cannot use them outside missions. By use, we mean you cannot use the elevator to move from one floor to another in the same building. Nevertheless, you should be able to access and walk inside the elevator, but nothing will happen.

Here are all the elevators in GTA 5 and GTA Online:

  • Humane Labs (Monkey Business)
  • FIB Building (The Bureau Raid)
  • Union Depository (The Big Score)
  • Mile High Club (Architect’s Plans & The Construction Assassination)
  • High-end Apartments (GTA Online)
  • Fort Zancudo (Control Tower)
  • Fort Zancudo (Underground Bunker)
  • El Rubio’s Compound (The Cayo Perico Heist)

Final Thoughts

If you are replaying a mission in GTA 5, an onscreen button prompt to use the elevator should show up once you’re inside, allowing you to get to the next floor in the mission. Unfortunately, you cannot use the same elevator in free roam.

Elevators have already been featured in previous Grand Theft Auto games as far back as Grand Theft Auto III. However, since most buildings in the Grand Theft Auto series aren’t explorable, there isn’t much use for elevators outside missions.

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