GTA 5: Minute Man Blues Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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The Civil Border Patrol no more.

GTA 5: Minute Man Blues Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

In the An American Welcome mission in GTA 5, Trevor was beginning to doubt the legitimacy of the Civil Border Patrol. One of the men they captured in that outing was undoubtedly a legitimate American citizen with papers to prove it. However, when they get their hands on them, Joe and Josef beg to differ and throw away the man’s papers.

When Trevor meets the same man later and gets a short lecture about helping Joe and Josef oppress random people in exchange for a small amount of cash, Trevor sets out to look for Joe and Josef and stop the Civil Border Patrol once and for all.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Minute Man Blues and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Minute Man Blues Synopsis

While driving through Paleto Bay, Trevor spots a man seated outside a local bakery. Trevor approaches the man and immediately recognizes the person as one of the men he arrested with Joe and Josef in their last outing.

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Believing the man to be a real illegal immigrant, Trevor asks him why he has not been deported yet. The man tells Trevor they cannot kick him out as his family has been a citizen of the United States for more than two hundred years. The man follows up by saying he is more American than Trevor.

The man stands up and tells Trevor he’s the same as his friends Joe and Josef – men trying to protect something that is not even there. Trevor takes offense at the man’s statement, causing him to pull out a gun and put it against the man’s head.

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The man tells Trevor he isn’t afraid and even follows up by telling Trevor how he owes his family a great debt as his land is no longer safe due to Trevor and The Civil Border Patrol’s actions.

The man gives Trevor a chance to make right with his actions but also tells him he will not pay Trevor one cent for the job. Trevor agrees anyway and sets out to look for Joe and Josef. The man says Trevor will find the pair along the left side of Ocean Highway, so Trevor heads for that location.

When Trevor arrives at the location, he immediately spots Josef, detaining multiple individuals at a barn. Trevor calls him out and immediately stuns him with the stun gun. After stunning Josef, Trevor finishes him with a few rounds of his favorite gun.

Trevor looks for Joe, who a Fieldmaster took to escape. However, he stops the Fieldmaster short and opts to escape on foot instead. Trevor gives chase and stuns Joe first to give him a taste of his medicine before ultimately ending him with a real gun.

With both men taken care of, Trevor announces the disbandment of the short-lived Civil Border Patrol.

Minute Man Blues Gold Medal Objectives

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  • What Goes Around…: Use the stun gun on Joe and Josef before killing them
  • No Migration: Kill Joe and Josef before they leave the farm

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Minute Man Blue Mission Guide

Get in your car and head to the Ocean Highway marked red on the map.

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As soon as you arrive, switch to your stun gun. Make sure you take out Josef using the stun gun before finishing him with a real gun. This will help complete half of the “What Goes Around…” Gold Medal objective.

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After taking Josef out, get back in your car, as you must chase down Joe. Or, if you are quick enough, get ready with your rifle and wait for Joe to storm out of one of the barns in the Fieldmaster.

Aim for the Fieldmaster’s massive rear tire to force Joe out of the vehicle.

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Stun him using the stun gun before using a real gun to take him out for good. This will complete the “What Goes Around…” Gold Medal Objective. Deal with Joe and Josef within the farm to get the No Migration Gold Medal Objective.

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Border Patrol Disbanded

Trevor hates bullies, and when he learns the truth behind Joe and Josef’s Civil Border Patrol gimmick, he sets out to end their madness once and for all.

Minute Man Blues ends the missions between Trevor and The Civil Border Patrol members. Getting a Gold Medal in this mission should be a piece of cake. Just make sure you take out both men with a stun gun first before killing them with a real gun to get the What Goes Around… Gold Medal Objective: Do your best to stop them from leaving the farm area to get the No Migration Gold Medal Objective.

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