GTA 5: Mugging Random Events Guide


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Learn how to complete the Mugging Random Events in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Mugging Random Events Guide

Los Santos is a tough city to live in. The area is home to numerous gangs and filled with random thugs who will do anything for a quick buck. Having 11 Police Stations spread across Los Santos and Blaine County doesn’t seem overkill.

The Mugging Random Event in GTA 5 is where NPCs will try to steal money from other NPCs in-game. Now’s your chance to play vigilante and stop the mugging for once.

This quick guide outlines everything you need to know about Mugging Random Events.

What is the Mugging Random Event in GTA 5?

As the name suggests, the Mugging Random Event in GTA 5 is a random event where you stop robbers and retrieve stolen goods for minor rewards. Generally, you will hear a victim crying out for help if you pass by any of the three Mugging locations in GTA 5. Help out the victim and get a minor reward.

You do not have to complete these events specifically to get 100% completion in GTA 5. Completing all three Mugging Random Events will add to the 14 Random Events required to finish the game with 100% completion.

Mugging Random Event Locations

Three Mugging Random Event locations exist in GTA 5 – Strawberry, Hawick, and Vespucci Boulevard.

Mugging 1

Head to the alley in Strawberry shown in the image below to find where the mugging occurs.

3 8
4 8

Mugging 2

Mugging 2 can be found along an alley in the Hawick area in Los Santos.

1 7
2 8

Mugging 3

Mugging Three is located along Vespucci Boulevard in Pillbox Hill.

5 9
6 4

Mugging Random Event Rewards

Out of the three Mugging Random Events in GTA 5, only two give out substantial rewards after you complete them.

You will receive a small amount of cash and a full special skill bar recharge for completing Mugging 1 and 3. You can get even more money if you do not return the money to the victim, but you will also forfeit the full special skill bar recharge reward by doing so.

Mugging two will give you nothing in return, but it is still worth helping the poor NPC if you have nothing important to do in-game.

Good Samaritan

Muggings are only one of many Random Events you will encounter as you progress through GTA 5. These Random Events aren’t too difficult to complete and give you a decent monetary reward after you complete them.

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