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Wondering where the Police Station is in GTA 5? Don’t worry; we have listed all police station locations around Los Santos in this guide.

GTA 5: Police Station Locations

Usually, players would want to stay as far away as possible from the Los Santos Police Department in GTA 5. However, if you’re looking to steal some police vehicles or want to take the Police Maverick for a quick spin, then you will want to know the answer to “Where is the Police Station in GTA 5?”

Where is the Police Station in GTA 5

The Police Station in GTA 5 can be found at various locations around the map. Follow the waypoints listed for every police station in GTA 5 below.

There are eleven different Police Stations, Sheriff’s Stations, and Ranger stations around Los Santo. The type of police vehicles players can find around these Police Stations in GTA 5 varies from one station to another.

Vinewood Police Station

image 305

The Vinewood Police Station is one of the few Police Station in GTA 5 that features a helipad on the roof. So if you’re around the Vinewood area and looking for a quick chopper ride home, you will want to check out the Vinewood Police Station.

Players can find the Vinewood Police Station in Downtown Vinewood between Vinewood Boulevard and Elgin Avenue.

A few LSPD Police Cruisers can are parked just outside of the Vinewood Police Station, and of course, a chopper will usually be sitting on the helipad on the roof.

image 306

Vespucci Beach Police Station

image 326

There are two Police Stations in the Vespucci area – The Vespucci Beach Police Station and the Vespucci Police Station.

The Vespucci Beach Police Station can be found near the south side of Vespucci Beach. Players will be hard-pressed to miss it, as it is a fairly good-looking modern building complex surrounded by glass.

image 327

Vespucci Police Station

image 328

The Vespucci Police Station is the Vespucci area’s main Police Station found near Vespucci Boulevard.

The Vespucci area is the premier tourist destination in Los Santos, which is probably why there are two Police Stations around the area.

The Vespucci Police Station can be found at Vespucci Canals/South Rockford Drive.

image 329

Rockford Hills Police Station

image 315

If you’ve been busted around the Downtown area recently, then you’re probably well acquainted with the police officers in the Rockford Hills Police Station.

The Rockford Hills Police Station shares a joint building complex with the Rockford Hills City Hall. Oh, and the fact that it looks somewhat like a museum makes it pretty difficult to miss.

Players can find the Rockford Hills Police Station around the Burton area.

image 316

Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station

image 321

The Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station, also known as the Blain County Sheriff’s Station, can be found along the Alhambra Drive in Sandy Shores and is one of two police stations around the Blain County operated by the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department.

The Sheriff’s Station shares the same building with the Sandy Shores Medical Center, which explains the expansive size of the large single-floor building.

image 322

Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

image 323

The Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office is a Los Santos County Sheriff’s Department branch that can be found at the intersection between Paleto Boulevard and Route 1 in Paleto Bay.

A few Ambulances, Police Bikes, and Police Cruisers spawn randomly at the car park just behind the Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office building. Players can also find a helipad just behind the building complex.

image 324

Beaver Bush Ranger Station

image 319

The San Andreas area is home to the Beaver Bush Ranger Station, managed by the Los Santos Department of Parks and Recreation.

Players can find the Beaver Bush Ranger Station in the Vinewood area between Baytree Canyon Road and Marlowe Drive in Vinewood Hills.

Players can steal a Park Ranger from the small garage beside the building.

image 320

Davis Sheriff’s Station

image 313

The Davis Sheriff’s Station is a decently-sized police station in Los Santos. It is located at Innocence Boulevard and Rancho in the Los Santos Metropolitan Area.

The Davis Sheriff’s Station also houses the LSPD Auto Impound, which houses a tow truck that players can use to tow illegally parked cars around Los Santos.

image 314

Del Perro Police Station

image 317

The Del Perro Police Station is the smallest Police Department in GTA 5, located on the Del Perro Pier in Del Pierro, Los Santos.

This police station is only one of few that does not play any role in the main storyline. Players likewise cannot respawn outside the Del Perro Police Station when busted around the nearby area.

image 318

La Mesa Police Station

image 311

The La Mesa Police Station draws inspiration from the real-life California Highway Patrol and LAPD West Los Angeles Police Station in Los Angeles. Since Los Santos is a knock-off of Los Angeles, this makes a ton of sense.

A few key Police vehicles can be found in the La Mesa Police Station, including the LSPD Interceptor, Police Bike, Police Buffalo, and Police Cruiser.

The La Mesa Police Station can be found on La Mesa/Popular Street.

image 312

Mission Row Police Station

image 307

Other Police Stations, Sherriff’s Stations, and Ranger Stations are virtually inaccessible in GTA 5. Except for one – the Mission Row Police Station.

The three-story police department is one of the largest police stations in GTA 5, which houses the game’s only Impound Garage, and the only police station players can enter and explore in GTA 5.

image 310

The Mission Row Police Station can be found between Sinner Street, Vespucci Boulevard, Atlee Street, and Little Bighorn Avenue in Downtown Los Santos.

A mix of LSPD Cruisers and Interceptors can also be found in the nearby parking lot.

image 309


Things can get very spicy quickly in GTA 5, which is why there are more than ten police stations around the map. Knowing where each of these police stations is, well, stationed around Los Santos can help you avoid these areas whenever you’re in a sticky situation with the LSPD.

We hope you can easily find and explore all eleven police stations around Los Santos through this guide.

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