GTA 5: Pulling One Last Favor Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Pulling One Last Favor mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Pulling One Last Favor Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

For childhood’s sake, Franklin has had no choice but to cover for JB in his towing business for some time now. Franklin has done four towing jobs for JB, and Tonya always promises JB will be back as soon as he feels better about his drug withdrawals.

Franklin has always doubted Tonya’s promise, and with this last favor, Franklin confirms JB and Tonya have been back to smoking again but have no choice but to cover for his childhood friends one last time.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Pulling One Last Favor and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Pulling One Last Favor Synopsis

Franklin meets Tonya at their usual meeting spot at the liquor store just across Franklin’s house in Strawberry. Franklin approaches Tonya and asks her why she still has not cleaned up. Tonya admits that she and JB have been smoking again lately and tells Franklin that the smoking has worsened.

Franklin is disappointed to know Tonya and JB have gone back to smoking, especially since Tonya already told Franklin she and JB were coming clean just a few days ago. Franklin tells Tonya that he knows she plans to ask Franklin to help her with the towing business, or she and JB will lose everything. Despite knowing what is in store for him, Franklin agrees to help Tonya for the last time.

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Franklin and Tonya drive to the LSPD Impound to pick up the tow truck. After a while, the pair get a call from the dispatcher. Their assignment is an accident on Vespucci Boulevard that left a car wrecked and needs moving to the nearest auto shop. Franklin and Tonya have fun reminiscing about their childhood while they drive toward the assigned location.

Franklin and Tonya arrive at the scene to pick up the wrecked vehicle, where Tonya comments about the severity of the accident, which left the driver severely injured. The pair hook up the car and tow it back to a repair shop in Strawberry.

Along the way, Tonya tells Franklin how people around the neighborhood have been talking about him and how he has been selling himself to get paid. Someone from the hood saw Franklin walking around with a rich white boy. Franklin dismisses the absurd idea.

With the vehicle dropped off at the designated point, Franklin and Tonya drove back to the LSPD Impound. Tonya tells Franklin that JB will make it up to him as soon as he’s feeling better. Tonya also wishes to spend time with her old-school friends Franklin, Lamar, JB, and Tanisha over food and drinks.

Franklin and Tonya arrive at the LSPD Impound, where Tonya thanks Franklin for his help. The pair part ways, ending the mission.

Pulling One Last Favor Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Time: Complete within 05:00
  • Unhook Bonus: Keep the vehicle hooked until delivery

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

Pulling One Last Favor Mission Guide

Drive to the LSPD Impound marked blue on the map.

image 136
image 137

Get in the tow truck, but wait for Tonya before you leave the LSPD Impound.

image 138

Drive to the target location marked blue on the map. Drive as efficiently as you can to complete the mission within 05:00.

image 139
image 140

The car you are looking for will be the sedan that crashed into a tree. Hook up the car and drive it to the assigned location marked yellow on the map.

image 141
image 142
image 143
image 144

Drive into this parking lot beside the Vapid building.

image 145

Drop off the wrecked vehicle in the yellow spot in the parking lot.

image 146

Drive back to the LSPD Impound lot. Make haste to meet the 05:00 time requirement.

image 147

Exit the tow truck to end the mission.

image 148

Free At Last

Pulling One Last Favor is Franklin’s last tow truck job for Tonya in GTA 5. Tonya thanks Franklin for all his help as they part ways at the LSPD Impound, and Franklin is likely feeling very accomplished despite not getting paid for any of these jobs.

After completing all the other tow truck jobs in previous Tonya favors, you can complete the mission in less than 05:00 to complete the Time Gold Medal Objective. On the other hand, towing the wrecked vehicle to the marked location without unhooking should be pretty easy, as it takes quite a bit to unhook the vehicle from the tow truck anyway. Drive steadily to the repair shop, and you’ll arrive without unhooking the vehicle.

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