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Learn how to complete the Sports Bike Thief Random Event in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Sports Bike Thief Random Event Guide

Thieves come in all shapes and sizes in Los Santos. Some will lure you into questionable alleys and try to ambush you for some cash, while others will use other people and try to convince you to come with them, only to be ambushed by several gang members.

True to the game’s namesake, most robberies in Los Santos fall under grand theft auto, otherwise known as motor vehicle theft. One of the Random Events in the game called Sports Bike Thief shows you just how common these types of crimes are in the game.

This quick guide outlines everything you need about the Sport Bike Thief Random Event in GTA 5.

What is the Sports Bike Thief Random Event in GTA 5?

The Sports Bike Thief Random Event is 1 of 60 Random Events you will encounter in GTA 5. This Random Event involves a young man who stole his Pegassi Bati 801 from him by a random thief. Chase the thief and return the motorcycle to its poor owner to complete the Random Event.

When you approach the area, the thief will already be speeding away with the bike. You can shoot him down with your gun or crash into the bike with your vehicle to stop him.

You must return the bike to its rightful owner to complete this Random Event, but you will get nothing for your time and effort. If you fancy the motorcycle, you can ignore the owner and drive away with a free Pegassi Bati 801.

Sports Bike Thief Location

On the western map, the Sports Bike Thief Random Event is in the lower Richman area. Refer to the image below to better understand where this Random Event spawns in GTA 5.

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Get ready to chase after the thief as you drive toward the area. The thief will immediately be on full throttle when he takes the motorcycle away from its owner. Crash into the thief or shoot him down to force him off the motorcycle.

Sports Bike Thief Rewards

The motorcycle owner will give you zero dollars in return despite risking your life and potentially damaging your vehicle. You will not get any free stats for your troubles, either.

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Completing this Random Event will count towards the 14 Random Events you need to complete to get a 100% completion on your save file in GTA 5. But if you’re looking to get something in return for all the trouble, you can always just drive away with the Pegassi Bati 801 and keep it for yourself.

Speeding Away

Like most Random Events in GTA 5 involving street theft, you can easily complete the Sports Bike Thief Random Event by chasing after the perpetrator and retrieving the stolen vehicle. Whether you return the bike or not is entirely up to you, but it might not be worth keeping the bike after encountering this Random Event, as there are a ton of Bati 801s just waiting to be found in Los Santos anyway.

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