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Learn how to complete The Time’s Come mission in GTA 5!

GTA 5: The Time's Come Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Michael is one of the most important protagonists in GTA 5. If it weren’t for the Michael made back in North Yankton, the trio would not encounter Dave Norton and Steve Haines – two characters that the trio will have to work for throughout GTA 5.

By the end of the game, Franklin will be approached by Devin Weston, Dave Norton, and Steve Haines. Devin will ask Franklin to take down Michael, while Dave and Steve will ask Franklin to put down Trevor.

After Devin Weston visits Franklin’s home, three options will appear on Franklin’s phone. A-Kill Trevor, B-Kill Michael, or C-Kill Neither. The Time’s Come mission is unlocked when the player kills Michael.

In this guide, we have outlined everything you need to know about The Time’s Come and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Time’s Come Synopsis

After Franklin decides to kill Michael instead of Trevor, he gives Michael a call and asks him to meet up somewhere. Michael agrees and asks Franklin to meet him at Route 68 by the field with the satellite dishes.

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As Franklin drops his call with Michael, he calls Trevor to ask him for help taking down Michael once and for all. Despite their differences, Franklin expected Trevor to agree to the idea but did not expect how loyal Trevor would be to Michael.

Failing to secure Trevor’s help, Franklin heads to the agreed location alone. Franklin had to wait til it was dark before Michael finally showed up.

When Michael arrives, he greets Franklin and asks about the problem. Before they could get a conversation going, Michael got a call from Amanda telling Michael that Tracey was finally going to college. Michael then goes on to tell Franklin how lucky he is to get his family back, which makes it just a bit harder for Franklin to kill Michael.

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Franklin starts telling Michael how he likes him and how he is willing to risk everything for him. Before Franklin can finish, Michael realizes why Franklin called him to meet up.

Michael returns to his car and escapes, forcing Franklin to chase him down. The pair run around some train tracks, but their chase eventually leads them to the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

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Michael runs and hides at one of the chimneys in the area. Franklin immediately follows Michael to the chimney balcony but is met by Michael, who has a gun pointed at Franklin.

Michael fires a few shots in Franklin’s direction, but he misses, giving Franklin a chance to push him and take him down.

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Franklin pins Michael down and punches him in the face a few times before Michael manages to free himself from Franklin’s hold.

Michael goes on to tell Franklin how he is the only decent person to Franklin. Before Michael can finish, Franklin runs toward Michael and pushes him over the railings, causing Michael to fall and cling to Franklin’s arm.

At this point, the player can let go of Michael or pull him up to save him. Unfortunately, it does not matter which of these options the player picks, as both will lead to Michael’s death.

After Michael falls to his death, Franklin calls Lamar to apologize for neglecting him, but the call goes into Lamar’s voicemail. After Franklin ends the call, the end credits roll, signaling the end of GTA 5’s main storyline.

The Time’s Come Gold Medal Objectives

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  • Surpassed The Mentor: Killed Michael.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can return another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Time’s Come Mission Guide

Get in Franklin’s car and chase after Michael.

You can spam Franklin’s special ability in this mission. You’re going to need Franklin’s special ability to keep Michael close.

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Michael will escape through the train tracks. You will end up behind a train later in the chase. Do not worry about losing time since Michael will stop at the Power Plant anyway.

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Just follow the yellow marker to find Michael.

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Later in the chase, Michael climbs up one of these chimneys. Use the ladder and follow him.

At this point, you must choose to ‘drop Michael’ to get the ‘Surpassed The Mentor’ Gold Medal Objective.

After you choose to drop Michael, Franklin will let go of Michael and let him fall to the ground. This will complete the mission.

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Surpassed The Master

In Michael’s eyes, he has been nothing but a mentor and a friend to Franklin. However, Franklin did not share the same sentiments and always felt like he was nothing but a tool for Michael.

The Time’s Come will lead to Michael’s death and the ability to play and partake in Michael-related missions in GTA 5. So, choose who you want to kill between Trevor and Michael carefully if you care about playing one or the other in-game.

The Gold Medal Objective for The Time’s Come is given in this mission since Michael will die no matter what. However, make sure you choose to kill Michael while he hangs onto Franklin to get the Gold Medal Objective.

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