GTA 5: The Vice Assassination Mission Guide (Gold Medal)



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Franklin takes out Facade’s Head of Product Development.

GTA 5: The Vice Assassination Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

The first two assassination missions given by Lester to Franklin have been nothing but good news for the former. Thanks to the timely investments that Lester made in the appropriate stocks, he bought Franklin a fancy home in Vinewood Hills and made unknown amounts of money from investing.

This time, Lester sends Franklin on a mission to take out known customer data bootlegger Jackson Skinner.

We have outlined everything you need to know about The Vice Assassination mission and how you can get a ton of money plus a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

The Vice Assassination Synopsis

Franklin answers a payphone at Legion Square and is greeted by none other than Lester himself. Lester wastes no time and gets into the details to give Franklin his next assignment.

Lester gives Franklin the details on Jackson Skinner, Facade’s Head of Product Development, who has been known to bootleg customer data to the highest bidders from Moscow and Tehran.

Lester tells Franklin about Jackson Skinner’s weakness for women and that there is a regular prostitute, he likes to meet in La Puerta. Lester asks Franklin to keep an eye on the prostitute for a while as he believes she will lead them to Jackson Skinner soon enough. In the meantime, Lester scouts out Fruit and its current share price in preparation for the stock price inflation after the assassination.

Franklin makes his way to La Puerta and spots the prostitute just standing along the road, waiting for somebody. Several other men would attempt to pick up the prostitute, but she waived all of them off.

A few cars later, a car arrives and familiarly talks to the prostitute. Franklin assumes the guy is indeed Jackson Skinner and immediately takes him out with his sniper rifle.

After assassinating Jackson Skinner, Franklin immediately leaves the area and calls Lester to let him know the job is done.

The Vice Assassination Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time: Time is taken to complete the mission.
  • Clean Escape: Complete without alerting the cops.
  • Money Earned: Money earned from the hit.

All Gold Medal objectives for this mission can be completed through multiple replays. You can come back another time and replay the mission to get the rest of the Gold Medal objectives.

The Vice Assassination Mission Guide

Note: Before you start the Vice Assassination mission, it is recommended that you complete the GTA 5 Main Storyline first. This way, all three protagonists will have a considerable amount of money they can invest in stocks.

Invest the money of all three protagonists in Fruit (FRT) before starting the Vice Assassination mission. Wait a few in-game days for the stock to mature, then sell off all of the protagonists’ stocks for profit.

Head to the assigned destination at La Puerta.

The prostitute you are looking for is a woman with a pink top and short shorts.

A few random men will try to pick her up. Let the situation play out, and keep an eye out for a fancy-looking car.

This guy in the lowrider is your target. Do not wait until the prostitute gets inside the vehicle, as the target will become much more difficult to kill when they move away from the area.

Leave the area as soon as you kill Jackson Skinner.

Vigilante Work

Lester and Franklin’s vigilante work has wiped out a couple of known corrupt personalities from Los Santos. In the process, Lester made a ton of money and even bought Franklin a beautiful home in Vinewood Hills.

The Vice Assassination mission is one of the easier assassination missions in GTA 5. Unlike the previous assassination missions, where Franklin had to take out four targets from four locations, the Vice Assassination mission only required him to kill one guy.

To get a Gold Medal from completing this mission in GTA 5, you only need to make sure the cops are not alerted when you make your escape. You can do this by running away from the area before any bystanders can report your vehicle to the LSPD.

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