How To Get a Fighter Jet in GTA 5


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Here’s how to get a fighter jet in GTA 5.

How To Get a Fighter Jet in GTA 5

Aircraft in GTA 5 are arguably some of the most sought-after vehicles in the game, and you should already have some experience flying planes and helicopters by simply playing through the main story missions such as Nervous Ron or The Merryweather Heist.

Planes and helicopters are cool, but have you tried flying a fighter jet in GTA 5? If you answer no, don’t worry; we will show you how to get a fighter jet in GTA V in this guide.

Is there a fighter jet in GTA 5?

You can only get one fighter jet in GTA V Story Mode: the P-996 LAZER.

The P-996 LAZER (also known as Death Jet) is a multi-role fighter jet/interceptor aircraft made by Jobuilt. It is a single-seater fighter plane with high-power dual cannons that can fire up to 900 rounds per minute. It also carries multiple missiles with lock-on capabilities.

Get a fighter jet in GTA V from Fort Zancudo.

Powered by a single turbojet engine, the P-996 LAZER is a fast aircraft that can fly to a maximum of 316 km/h at 820 feet. It is also very maneuverable but at the expense of less durable armor.

GTA Online offers various military planes, such as the F-160 Raiju, V-65 Molotok, Pyro, Besra, and the P-996 LAZER’s close cousin, the Hydra.

How to Get a Fighter Jet in GTA V?

There is only one way to get a Fighter Jet in GTA V – stealing one from Fort Zancudo.

Daredevils who have previously wandered into the heavily guarded military base will know how difficult it is to survive there. While surviving long enough to make it to the hangars within the base is almost impossible, a few methods can buy you enough time to enter the base and get a fighter jet in GTA V.

Get a Fighter Jet by Driving Over the Fence

Just along the North Chumash freeway is a conveniently shaped rock formation that you can use as a ramp to enter the military base via car. All you have to do is find the “ramp” and drive your car over it quickly. The ramp should have enough angle to get you over the military base fence.

A screenshot showing the map in GTA 5
Drive over the ramp and enter the military base to get a jet in GTA V.
Drive over the ramp and enter the military base to get a jet in GTA V.

This method is the easiest way to get into the military base, provided you nail the landing perfectly. Since you’re already in a car, you should be able to drive to the hangars and steal a fighter jet before the soldiers arrive.

Parachute Into the Base to get a Fighter Jet in GTA V

If you have access to another aircraft, such as a helicopter, you can use that to fly over the military base and parachute directly into the hangar area.

Parachute into the base and steal a jet in GTA V.

Remember, however, that you will alert the soldiers on the base as soon as you enter the base’s airspace. Skydive directly towards the hangar area and only pull your parachute at the last second to land faster.

Make your way to the nearest fighter plane and fly out as quickly as possible before the Rhinos arrive.

Fair Game Bug

A weird bug around the Trevor Strangers & Freaks mission “Fair Game” allows you to enter Fort Zancudo without incurring Wanted Levels. Replay the Mission so you can enter the base and get a fighter jet without any resistance from the military.

A screenshot of the player standing over a dead deer in GTA 5

The bug only works if you leave the hunting area after Cletus leaves Trevor to hunt elk alone. So make sure to leave only after Cletus has left the area.

Without ending the mission, head to Fort Zancudo and get a fighter jet. After which, fly the jet to the airstrip and park the jet in Trevor’s hangar, then return to the hunting area and complete Fair Game.

Invincibility Cheat

Using an invincibility cheat is the fastest and easiest way to get a fighter jet in GTA V. You can just waltz into Fort Zancudo and not worry about getting killed. Use the cheat code below to activate the Invincibility Cheat.

  • Cellphone: 1-999-724-654-5537
A screenshot showing the player holding their phone open in GTA 5

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the fighter jet as you attempt to steal it and fly away from the military base.

Soldiers will come in swarms as you make your way to the hangars in Fort Zancudo. Eventually, Rhino tanks will also show up and blow up any vehicle you attempt to board on the base. While you will take no damage from anything they throw at you, the jet you stole will blow up before you can take off from the base.

If you use the invincibility cheat to get a jet from the military base, ensure you get to the hangars fast and fly out quickly.

Final Thoughts

You can try several methods to get a jet in GTA V. You can use cheats, bugs, or some cheesy over-the-fence method to enter Fort Zancudo safely and survive long enough to locate the hangar and steal a jet.

Acquiring a jet in GTA V is more complicated than you would think, but the trouble will be worth it once you’re in the air in your fighter jet.

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