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Wondering how to get an Arcade in GTA V? We have you covered.

How To Get Arcade in GTA V

Any avid GTA V/GTA Online player will tell you that businesses are some of the more lucrative money-making ventures in the game. You can run various businesses in GTA V, such as Warehouses, Bunkers, Night Clubs, and Counterfeit Cash Factories, to mention a few. However, none of these are as cool as running your Arcade.

This quick guide will show you how to get an Arcade in GTA V.

What is an Arcade?

Arcades are a new type of business in GTA V/GTA Online that was added in The Diamond Casino Heist update. Initially, the Arcade was intended as a front for Lester’s Diamond Casino heist, serving as a rehearsal area for the upcoming heist. After the heist, however, the Arcade no longer serves any further purpose, but players can run it as a business to earn extra money.

A screenshot of an arcade in GTA V

The Arcade will be introduced when you meet Lester at Mirror Park. Lester will ask you to buy any of the six Arcades on the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. After you purchase an Arcade, you will receive a free T-shirt featuring the logo of the Arcade you just bought.

You can purchase additional game cabinets to fill your Arcade with more games. More cabinets will give you more income and increase your total investment in the Arcade. Moreover, there are numerous Customization options that you can add to your Arcade, including 3 Styles, 9 Mural Schemes, 9 Floor Patterns, and 9 Neon Art. You can also add Personal Quarters, High Score Screens, and a Garage.

How to Get an Arcade in GTA V?

You can purchase an Arcade in GTA V from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website. There are six Arcades to choose from – four in Los Santos/San Andreas and two in Sandy Shores/Paleto Bay.

  1. Bring up the in-game smartphone.
A gameplay still from GTA 5

2. Access the web browser.

A screenshot of the website in GTA 5

3. Click on Maze Bank Foreclosures.

Get Arcades in GTA V from Maze Bank Foreclosures.

4. Click on the ‘Arcade’ button to sort the pins.

Click on the Arcades button so you can get the Arcade pins from the rest of the properties in GTA V

5. Click on the Arcade location you want to purchase.

Choose the Arcade you want to get in GTA V.

What is the best Arcade to buy for earning money?

It won’t matter which of the six Arcades in the game you purchase, as you can earn money from this business no matter which Arcade location you buy.

With that said, you might want to purchase the Arcade closest to The Diamond Casino, so you won’t have to travel too far from Arcade to the heist location.

Are Arcades Profitable in GTA V?

Arcades are profitable in GTA V, but only barely so. Don’t expect to rake in six-digit income from Arcades anytime soon, as you’ll only get up to $5,000 daily from a fully kitted-out Arcade.

Some players say it will take around one year to get your initial investment from Arcades, which is quite a long time considering you can get ROI on other businesses, such as the Night Club, faster. Players also believe they think that the Arcade is simply a vessel for running The Diamond Casino Heist and nothing more, which is likely why the profits are so abysmal with the Arcade.

Final Thoughts

Owning an Arcade is a dream for many GTA V players. Fortunately, you can purchase and run your own Arcade business in GTA V after completing The Diamond Casino Heist.

If you’re okay with the Arcade not being as profitable as other more lucrative businesses, such as the Night Club, then purchase any of the six Arcades in the game and add your personal touch to your brand new man cave.

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