How To Save Planes in GTA 5


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Here’s how to save that plane you just stole in GTA 5.

How To Save Planes in GTA 5

Franklin, Michael, or Trevor should make enough money to purchase a personal plane after The Big Score. After all, spending millions on brand-new aircraft doesn’t make sense when you can just steal one from the airport.

Unfortunately, like stolen cars, stolen planes disappear when you stray too far from the plane in-game. With cars, however, you can park it in Franklin, Michael, or Trevor’s garage and “save” it for use later. If only you could do the same for planes.

Well, you can, and we will walk you through how to save your planes in GTA V in this quick guide.

How to Save Planes in GTA 5

You can save stolen planes in GTA 5 by parking them in McKenzie Field Hangar. However, you have to own a hangar for this method to work, which means you have to complete the Main Story mission Nervous Ron first (Trevor) or purchase a hangar in Los Santos International Airport (Franklin and Michael)

A screenshot of Franklin standing in front of planes in GTA 5

Planes aren’t the only thing you can save in McKenzie Field Hangar. You can steal a P-996 LAZER fighter jet from Fort Zancudo, park it in your hangar, and have the fighter jet spawn regularly for you in-game. If you purchase the Rhino from Warstock Cache & Carry, it will also be delivered to Franklin, Michael, or Trevor’s hangar.

How do you save a jet in GTA 5 Story Mode?

You can save a GTA 5 Story Mode jet by parking it in one of the hangars in-game. If you’re playing as Trevor, you can save a jet by parking it in McKenzie Field Hangar. However, you must purchase a Los Santos International Airport hangar to save stolen jets if you play as Michael or Franklin.

Save planes and jets in GTA V by parking them in your hangar.

Having the option to save your jet is a great thing in GTA V, especially since acquiring a jet from Fort Zancudo is a very difficult task you wouldn’t want to go through each time you want to fly a jet in-game.

Where can I find planes in GTA V?

You can find planes in GTA V at Los Santos International Airport. Several aircraft should be parked along the runways and hangars within the airport, many of which you can steal and fly yourself.

A screenshot of a car in front of several private jets in GTA 5

Private jets are the most common type of aircraft you will find in Los Santos International Airport, alongside commercial planes. Unfortunately, you cannot steal commercial planes as these only serve a cosmetic purpose. Jumbo jets, however, are a completely different story.

Once in a while, a Jumbo jet will land at Los Santos International Airport. While it might seem impossible to board these planes, you should be able to chase them down or wait for them to park and steal them by pressing the “Get in the car” key bind on your PC or Console.

Final Thoughts

Planes are arguably the most exciting vehicles in GTA V. They are the fastest way to get around GTA V’s massive map and give you an awesome bird’s-eye view of Los Santos, Blaine County, and San Andreas.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend much money to buy your aircraft in-game. Steal an appropriately sized aircraft from Los Santos International Airport and save them by parking them in Franklin, Michael, or Trevor’s hangars.

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