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Trevor and Ron cleared out the Lost MC airstrip.

GTA 5: Nervous Ron Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

In the Nervous Ron mission in GTA 5, Trevor and Ron take out the Lost MC members at the Sandy Shores Airfield so he can assume the Lost MC’s weapons business for himself.

After completing this mission with Trevor, you can purchase properties around the game, including the Sandy Shores Airfield.

This guide has outlined everything you need to know about the Nervous Ron mission in GTA 5 and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission.

Nervous Ron Synopsis

Trevor arrives at his trailer in Sandy Shores but is met by Ron on his doorstep. Ron shows Trevor the damage the Lost MC did to Trevor’s trailer as retaliation for what Trevor did to their leader Johnny Klebitz.

Wade did not have anything notable to report, so Trevor sent him out to look for leads on Michael. A few moments later, Wade shows up at the trailer but backs up immediately after seeing Trevor agitatedly. Trevor quickly stops Wade and asks how his search for Michael is going.

Trevor heads to the nearby Ammu-nation to purchase a sniper rifle that he intends to use to intercept the weapons shipment that the Lost MC is carrying. Trevor and Ron wait for the right time to strike above the water tower near the airfield.

With the sun down, Trevor and Ron get to work. Trevor sends Ron to plant a bomb on one of the tankers in the airfield while Trevor takes on guard duties and shoots down any Lost MC members before they discover the dead bodies of their fallen brothers.

A chopper arrives on the scene but is quickly taken care of by Trevor. The resulting crash alerts the rest of the Lost MC members forcing Trevor and Ron to deal with the bikers while they make their way to one of the hangars in the airstrip.

Ron quickly gets on one of the planes and loads up the stolen weapons while Trevor fends off incoming Lost MC members from the right wing of Ron’s airplane. The pair make their way to the other plane parked along the runway. As Ron gets close to the different plane, Trevor jumps off and makes his way to the other plane.

The pair fly toward the buyer’s location to drop off the weapons to complete the deal. After successfully dropping off the package, Ron and Trevor make their way back to the Mckenzie Airfield.

Nervous Ron Gold Medal Objectives

  • Headshots: Kill five enemies with a headshot.
  • Time: Complete within 12:30.
  • Nervous Twitch: Win the race against Ron.
  • 6 Bridges, 1 Plane: Fly under any six bridges along the flight path.
  • Death on a Wing: Kill all bikers while lying on the plane wing.

Nervous Ron Mission Guide

Get on the ATV and drive to the Ammu-nation store marked yellow on the map.

Purchase a suppressor and advanced scope for the Sniper Rifle.

Get back on the ATV and make your way to Ron’s location.

Climb up to the top of the water tower.

Follow Ron using your Sniper Rifle.

While Ron makes his way to the target location, you can start killing the guards in the area, beginning with the one by the stairs.

Remember to aim for the head since you need five headshots to complete the Headshot Gold Medal objective.

After you kill the guard, shoot out all the lights in the area with your Sniper Rifle.

Don’t shoot at the incoming van just yet. Wait for the driver to leave the vehicle.

Kill the driver as soon as he exits the van.

Move your crosshair to the control tower. A Lost MC member will come out and hang out on the balcony. Aim for his head and take him out.

Quickly move your crosshair toward the stairs where you killed the first guard. Another Lost MC member will be roaming around. Kill him, then move your crosshair back to the control tower.

Another Lost MC member will come out of the control tower. Kill him before he discovers the dead body.

Move your crosshair back to Ron.

Kill the Lost MC member standing by one of the tankers before Ron gets too close. Keep your crosshair in the exact location, as another member will come from the same building.

A Lost MC biker will come from the right side. Take him out before he gets to Ron. A helicopter will arrive at the scene as well. Kill the pilot.

The rest of the Lost MC members will come rushing in as soon as you kill the pilot. Take them out. Do not hesitate to use Trevor’s special ability to land more headshots.

Make your way to the plane. Remember to kill all the Lost MC members that come your way while you are on the plane’s wing. This should complete the Death on a Wing Gold Medal objective.

Follow Ron and go to the sea, where you will drop off the weapons shipment.

Remember to fly under all six bridges to complete the 6 Bridges, 1 Plane Gold Medal objective.

Follow the smoke trail to arrive at the target location.

Drop off the cargo near the boats.

Fly back to the airstrip. Make sure you arrive first to complete the Nervous Twitch Gold Medal objective.

Relax, Ronald

Completing the Nervous Ron mission in GTA 5 will allow you to start purchasing properties in GTA 5. With the Lost MC driven out of the Sandy Shores Airfield, Trevor can now use all the planes and the helipad in the airfield, which will come in handy in upcoming missions.

Nervous Ron has some challenging Gold Medal objectives that might require a few mission replays. You can still complete all five Gold Medal objectives in a single run if you follow the mission guide above.

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