How To Increase Special Ability in GTA 5


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In this guide, learn how to increase each protagonist’s special ability in GTA 5.

How To Increase Special Ability in GTA 5

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are experts in their respective fields in GTA 5. Their diversity gives them the flexibility to take on various heist jobs with great success.

In case you didn’t know, each protagonist also possesses a special ability that can significantly help gameplay in GTA 5. We will walk you through each protagonist’s special abilities and how you can increase their special ability in GTA 5 in this quick guide.

What are the Special Abilities in GTA 5?

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor each possess a special ability that you can activate to gain an advantage in GTA V. Each protagonist’s special ability closely mirror their expertise. Franklin’s increased driving ability is evidenced by Michael’s efficient shooting and Trevor’s unstoppable mob clearing.

You can use each protagonist’s special ability in GTA 5. However, you can only use each protagonist’s special ability in specific situations. For example, you can only use Franklin’s special ability while driving. Meanwhile, you can only use Michael’s special ability while on foot. Lastly, Trevor’s special ability applies only whenever he is on foot.

Each special ability will have a limited duration, which can be improved by engaging in specific actions in the game. Check out each protagonist’s ability breakdown below to get a better idea.

All Special Abilities in GTA 5

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor have a unique special ability that you can use whenever the special ability bar is charged. Check out each special ability below to learn more about each one.

Franklin’s Driving Focus Special Ability

Increase Special Ability of Franklin in GTA V by driving aggressively

Franklin Clinton’s special ability in GTA 5 is called Driving Focus. As the name suggests, this special ability increases Franklin’s driving prowess, allowing him to slow down time while driving. The Driving Focus special ability significantly increases your ability to control a vehicle, allowing you to make tight turns and other maneuvers typically impossible when driving normally.

When Driving Focus is active, your screen will take on a green hue, and everything in the game world will slow down significantly. Driving Focus initially lasts 30 seconds, just one-third of the special ability’s maximum capacity, but you can increase Franklin’s special ability in GTA 5 by doing specific actions.

Lastly, you can only use Franklin’s Driving Focus special ability while driving a vehicle.

Michael’s Area Kill Special Ability

Michael is an experienced thief and gunman, showing his ability to kill multiple enemies in an area with Area Kill.


Like Franklin’s Driving Focus, Michael’s Area Kill special ability in GTA V allows him to enter a bullet-time effect, ala The Matrix. When active, the effect slows everything down in the game world, including Michael’s movement. What isn’t affected, however, is Michael’s ability to aim and shoot at targets.

Area Kill’s time-slow effect will allow you to easily land headshots on all enemies within your sight. This ability is especially useful when dealing with mobs and multiple enemies.

Like Franklin’s Driving Focus, the Area Kill special ability in GTA V starts with just a 30-second duration at one-third of the ability’s initial duration. You can increase Area Kill’s duration by doing specific actions while playing Michael.

Trevor’s Red Mist Special Ability

Among the three protagonists, Trevor is arguably the most mentally unstable and likely to explode in a rampage. His special ability, Red Mist, closely mirrors his tendency to throw caution to the wind to exact pain on his adversaries.

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When Trevor enters his Red Mist special ability in GTA V, he receives less damage while dealing more damage to targets. Trevor also gains immortality while in Red Mist, which allows him to survive situations that would instantly kill the other protagonists, including the ability to survive a direct hit from a Rhino cannon.

Upon activation, the Red Mist special ability will turn your screen an intense orange with an accompanying ripple effect. Time is also slowed, but the time-slow effect is nowhere as pronounced as Franklin’s or Michael’s special abilities.

Like the other two protagonists’ special abilities, Trevor’s Red Mist initially has a 30-second duration, just one-third of the ability’s maximum capacity. You can increase the duration of the Red Mist special ability by engaging in specific actions while playing as Trevor.

How to Increase Special Ability in GTA 5

When you begin a new game in GTA 5, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor will only have one-third of their special ability’s maximum capacity. However, as mentioned above, you can increase each protagonist’s special ability’s duration by engaging in specific actions.

Below are actions you must do while using each protagonist to increase their special ability in GTA V.


  • Drifting around corners.
  • Near miss at high speed.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the street and into oncoming traffic.
  • Driving at 90% of a vehicle’s top speed.


  • Landing headshots.
  • Stealth Kills or Knockouts.
  • Health dropping below 25%.
  • Maintaining high speed while driving.


  • Failing a mission.
  • Falling over.
  • Taking damage.
  • Getting rammed by a vehicle.
  • Bumping into pedestrians.
  • Landing headshots.
  • Killing a pedestrian in an explosion.
  • Maintaining high speed while driving.

Unmatched Expertise

Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s special abilities are extremely useful in GTA 5. Use their abilities whenever you can to greatly improve your chances of completing missions and getting a Gold Medal in them.

Check out the list above to learn how to increase each protagonist’s special ability in GTA 5.

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