GTA 5: Rampage – Vagos Mission Guide (Gold Medal)


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Learn how to complete the Rampage – Vagos in GTA 5!

GTA 5: Rampage - Vagos Mission Guide (Gold Medal)

Trevor is an unstable concoction – one second, you will see him be sane and logical; the next minute, he’ll be out in the streets shooting everything in sight.

This behavior is fully displayed in Rampage – Vagos, where Trevor’s minor scuffle with a pair of Vagos members turns into a bloodbath.

We have outlined everything you need to know about Rampage – Vagos and how you can get a Gold Medal for completing the mission in GTA 5.

Rampage – Vagos Synopsis

While strolling down Macdonald Street in East Lost Santos, Trevor spots two Vagos members messing around with each other.

Then Trevor approaches both men, and one of them asks Trevor what is up. Trevor talks back but does not answer the man’s question.

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The Vagos member picks up Trevor’s accent, leading him to ask where Trevor is from. Trevor tells the Vagos member that it is none of his business and then shoves him slightly, causing the other Vagos member also to start shoving Trevor.

The trio starts shoving each other until Trevor pulls away one of the Vagos member’s SMG. The two Vagos members raised their hands to keep Trevor from shooting them down on the spot.

The pair eventually runs away to call other Vagos members to help take down Trevor, who has just entered a Rampaged state.

2 9

Trevor initially takes down the two Vagos members he got into a scuffle with, then proceeds to take care of the incoming waves of Vagos members, eventually killing no less than thirty Vagos members.

Rampage – Vagos Mission Gold Medal Objectives

  • Make 45 kill
  • Get six headshots
  • Destroy two vehicles

Unlike most other GTA 5, you cannot replay Rampage Missions. You must complete all three Gold Medal Objectives in a single playthrough.

Rampage – Vagos Mission Guide

Trevor will enter a Rampaged state. Get your two free headshots from the fleeing Vagos members.

3 8

Two cars should arrive at the scene. Switch to your grenades and blow them up to get the ‘destroy two vehicles’ objective.

4 6
5 6
6 9

Aim for the head as best you can to kill the Vagos members instantly. This will help you clear the headshot requirement and spawn the new waves faster to help you clear all 45 kills.

7 5
8 8
9 8

Adios, Vagos!

Like Rampage-Rednecks, Rampage-Vagos only requires you to destroy several vehicles, meet a specific number of kills, and land a handful of headshots.

Completing the mission should not be too difficult despite the overwhelming number of enemies. Trevor’s Red Mist (special ability) lets him take less damage and deal more damage to enemies, making him nearly invincible.

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