Guide: 6 Top Tips for Fast Progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising


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Immortals Fenyx Rising is a huge open-world action-adventure game – so huge, in fact, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed, especially during the first few hours. If you feel the same, you’ve come to the right place, as below you will find 5 essential tips to help guide you on your way.

Guide: 6 Top Tips for Fast Progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising

1 – Far Sight is your friend

Immortals map is huge, begging to be explored. Starting off, it can be a bit too much trying to work out where to go or what to do, particularly if you don’t want to miss anything. One of Fenyx’s many abilities is that of Far Sight – the ability to focus your vision and identify points of interest and markers that you come across on your journey.
Using Far Sight, you can identify new areas to explore, which are then added to your map for later use. As it isn’t an outright combat ability, it is pretty easy to overlook Far Sight to the point you might forget to use it when not on top of a mountain or overlook, and that is why this is my first tip – use it as often as possible! The game makes a point early on by having you climb a statue to use it, but you can use this at any time you want, not just up high, so make the most of it. Not only that, whether by accident or design if you hover the cursor over an area to identify and click R2 you are told exactly what it is you are looking at, even if it is blocked from your line of sight.
Far Sight can be used to identify new locations, including the many chests and challenges that are dotted around the landscape, including the all-important Tartarus vaults which can be used to upgrade your Stamina – which moves me nicely on to tip number 2…

2 – Keep an eye on your Stamina

Stamina is pretty much used in every game at this point, so it needs no explanation here, but that isn’t to say it is any less important to manage. Stamina is shown by a blue bar that appears next to Fenyx whenever it is being used – sprinting, climbing, swimming – if you have to exert yourself, you can guarantee it will use Stamina.
When your Stamina is running low the screen flashes red, until eventually Fenyx bends double and has to rest up to allow himself time to recover, cutting short whatever it is you were doing. If you were climbing, you’ll fall, if you were swimming, you’ll drown. Although the bar is finite, that isn’t to say you are limited by it.
Alongside resting, your Stamina bar can be replenished partially or fully by using potions assigned to the Right button on the d-pad. This happens instantly, meaning that you can replenish your Stamina mid-action, which extends your Stamina bar well beyond its actual limits. There were a few times during the early sections where I was able to access areas that should have been out of reach by hammering the right button whenever my Stamina go low, giving me a quick and instant top-up. This quickly depletes your stack of potions or Blue Mushrooms but it is a better alternative to dying if it means you can top up your reserves at a later time, which leads me on to tip #3…

3 – Collect everything

While out on your travels there is plenty for you to pick up, whether that is the aforementioned Blue Mushrooms that replenish your Stamina, or Pomegranates that do the same thing for your Health. My advice – grab the lot.
See some Mushrooms glowing in the distance? Go grab them. Not only will they come in useful early on, but you never know what could be hiding just around the corner.

4 – Don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path

If you stick to my first Tip, you should quickly find your map dotted with icons to pique your interest but that isn’t to say you will nab everything using Far Sight alone. Don’t be put off taking a detour from your current destination – climb that cliff, swim across that bay, go the long way round – who knows what you might stumble across on your travels, which leads nicely on to…

5 – Avoid Fast Travel

Like many games before it, Immortals Fenyx Rising does have a Fast Travel system which allows you to quickly nip about to places you have visited. While handy if you are pressed for time, zooming around the map means you might miss items and locations that are hidden away, offering lucrative rewards.

6 – Hit trees and bushes for extra goodies

Need some Pomegranate but there’s none handily lying around in baskets? Look at the nearest tree and look if there are any red glowing fruits. You could shoot these down with your arrows one by one, but it’s much quicker to tap R2 and smack the tree with your axe. A couple of decent swings and you’ll find the shiny fruit falling to the ground. Just watch your head…
On other hand, if you’re lacking in other resources, do the same as above – but with bushes! The open-world is littered with bushes and shrubbery to hide in, but you can take your sword and cut them to pieces to get some extra resources. Not every bush will be a goldmine, but you’ll find a lot more stuff if you interact with the world.

Bonus Tip – use a camera

Many of the puzzles in Immortals Fenyx Rising require you to remember a sequence or use visual clues, and an easy way to solve these is to simply take a quick picture on your phone – not rocket science but it works! Even if your phone isn’t handy, use the screen capture or record feature on your PS4/PS5 and replay it when you need it, and even better, if you were lucky enough to nab a PS5, use the picture in picture function to pin that screen shot to your screen for when you need it.
Hopefully, these tips will help you as you begin your adventure in Immortals Fenyx Rising, and if you have any of your own drop them in the comments below.

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