Immortals Fenyx Rising: All Epic Mount Locations


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I’ll start off by saying that we all want to look cool while we are riding around and playing Immortals Fenyx Rising. The entry level mounts in-game though are the opposite of cool.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: All Epic Mount Locations

To look strong and courageous you’ll need an epic mount. The main issue with that statement is that epic mounts are pretty epically rare in this game. Fortunately, I have some good news.

We have found all of the epic mount locations, and we will tell you how to tame them, as well as get an achievement for it.

All Epic Mount Locations – Immortals Fenyx Rising



laurion epic mount location

This horse is pretty cool. There is no other word for it, this horse is a Pegassus. Go to the Clashing Rocks, and look around, you will see the Pegassus roaming around somewhere.

I would say that this mount is the crowd’s favourite for sure.



tyrian epic mount location

Since we finished with the Pegassuses, it’s fair to say that it is time to move into unicorn territory right? Well, Tyrian is basically that, a purple unicorn.

Same principle like with the last one, roam around until you see one.



indika epic mount location

The Indika mount is another unicorn, but blue. It has the same features as the other one, with the only difference being the color. Go to this spot, and look for it in the water.



paragon epic mount location

In terms of being flamboyant, this mount ranks pretty low in the Immortals Fenyx Rising community. However, I don’t know why, because this is my personal favorite from this list.

It has a dark color, and it looks like it’s straight from World of Warcraft. Find it near the edges.



guardian epic mount location

The Guardian is, well, there is no other word for it, golden. I’m pretty proud of myself with that pun. In all seriousness, the Guardian is a golden Peggasus.

You can find in near the broken bridge.



antikythera epic mount location 1

Closely themed after the place where you can find it, this one is a robot. When you ride it you will get mechanical sounds from it, and it looks intimidating.



aethon epic mount location

Now, if you really wanted to look like you mean business, then this is the horse to go for. It’s a unicorn, but don’t let that fool you.

It is dark themed, and it has some burning features! Go at this location and jump into the hole that you will find.



Asphodel epic mount location

This next mount is a pink-glowing deer. You can get it from King’s Peak which limits it to being only late-game, but there are some cases where players have reported gliding to it with enough stamina.

Once you are there, look for it in the water.


Ptilon epic mount location


For this one you will actually have to wait until you have reached a certain point in the game, progression-wise. Look for the rainbow-like Pegassus in the caves here.


These are all of the epic mount you can find currently in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Although that’s true, there are some other common and rare mounts that look pretty good as well, so be on the lookout for those.

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