Guide: How Long to Beat Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing on PSVR


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How long does it take to beat Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing for PSVR? Will you be crossing the finish line in one sitting, or could you be playing the game for weeks? Find out in our quick guide.

Guide: How Long to Beat Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing on PSVR

Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing is a fun yet simple to grasp racing game based on the Little Witch Academia TV series. However, just because the main racing elements of the game are straightforward does not mean there are not many hidden tricks that can’t help along the way. With any luck, getting a few little tips from this guide should make it a lot easier to continue progressing throughout the delightful story whilst enjoying all the wonderful broom racing action.

How long is the story?

The main story follows a linear path with cutscenes in between each race. There are twelve stages to complete, which entail standard races and ghost hunts, with an additional seven more stages once you reach the end of the game and take on the Stella Cup.

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The cutscenes can’t be skipped and sometimes they can actually run longer than the races themselves. Assuming you watch all the cutscenes and don’t rapidly press X to get through the dialogue quicker, the main game will take you roughly 5-6 hours to finish. However, this is not taking into account going back to previous races to complete certain race requirements.

If the broom fits

After you’ve finished a race, it will display stats like what position you came in and how long the race took you to complete. It will also show particular race requirements for earning extra currency such as points and tickets. If you have completed a specific condition, this will be indicated by a tick mark. Of course, if you want to earn everything possible in the game, you’ll have to meet each level’s requirements.

When attempting to fulfil specific requirements for races, it’s beneficial to change which broom you’re going to ride. This is because every broom will have different stats varying from speed, acceleration and handling. Personally, the moment the Mercury Broom became available, it was often a solid pick for nearly every race I competed in, as it’s pretty well rounded and has high stats in handling, which will occasionally help on tight turns. But make sure to experiment and see what broom matches your racing style.

Crystal maze

It can also be helpful to look at what crystals you can equip onto a broom, as this can affect the overall broom stats. You’ll have simpler crystals that will increase primary stats such as speed, acceleration and handling, but you’ll also have crystals designed to help with ghost-hunts. The crystals I found most helpful towards the ghost-hunts were Aquarius, which shots home on a target, and the Moon crystal, which helps its reload times.

If you are attempting to fulfil the requirements for the stages that involve the ghost-hunts, you’ll find these catered crystals nearly essential to have equipped as the ghosts have a habit of moving. But again, everyone playstyles are different, so be sure to experiment and see what crystals you find most effective.

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