Guide: How Long to Beat Sniper Elite VR on PSVR?


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You might be wondering how long is Sniper Elite VR? With games costing so much these days, it’s only right that you want to get value for your money. So how long does it take to beat Sniper Elite VR? How many missions are there in the game? Is there multiplayer? These are the questions we’re answering in this guide. If you want to know if the game is any good, you can find out in our review or video review.

Guide: How Long to Beat Sniper Elite VR on PSVR?

How long it takes to beat Sniper Elite VR depends entirely on you as a player. You can be done in a handful of hours, or you can rack up the double digits. It all depends on how you play and if you have any interest in online leaderboards.

How long to beat the story?

On my first playthrough on PSVR, I completed Sniper Elite VR in just over 3 hours in total. That was on easy mode, mind you, and I blasted my way through the levels with very little thought for stealthy gameplay. I also didn’t go out of my way to collect the numerous collectables, nor did I put the effort in to get all three stars on each level. Though, once I hit the star-shaped progression blocker, I did have to go back to some earlier missions to complete some of the easier challenges to get the stars needed to see the ending.

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On normal difficulty, you can still expect to clock up around 3-4 hours, depending on your skill, and whether you hunt down the collectables scattered within each level. Plus, if you want to get three stars on every mission, it will take a bit longer.

If you really want a challenge, Sniper Elite VR’s hardest mode will put you through your paces and by my estimation, you’ll be staring down the scope of your sniper for at least 4-5 hours, depending on your skills.

How many missions are there? Platinum trophy time?

There are a total of 18 missions plus the home base which serves as a firing range and a place to customise your loadouts.

Each mission has its own leaderboards and challenges to complete, which will increase the overall playtime, especially if you’re going for the Platinum trophy on PSVR. To get the platinum, I estimate you’ll need at least 10 hours of play behind you before the gong is yours, but skilled snipers may be able to trim a couple of hours off of that time. Less capable players (myself included…) can throw a few more on.

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