Guide To Taming A Fox in Minecraft (2023)


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Do you want to tame your fox in Minecraft for 2023? Read on to find out how.

Guide To Taming A Fox in Minecraft (2023)

While playing Minecraft can be lonely and sometimes dangerous, fortunately, an animal friend can often help players out during adventures. Players can tame the animal in question by presenting animal mobs with certain food items in Minecraft and having them follow them while exploring.

Some animals are made as companions, but others can provide benefits that help the player in some way. These benefits vary based on the mob in question, but all are helpful in some regard.

Some animal mobs separate themselves as better pets in certain ways, and it’s worth noting the best pets for players to keep nearby.

Luckily, Minecraft provides several options that can serve as your pet and be tame in a single-player campaign. One can easily find the most common variety of pet animals, such as cats, horses, llamas, and wolves. But one uncommon pet that you can tame is the fox. From their sly personalities to their soft-looking fur, you may be tempted to get a fox of your own for a pet.

Foxes are wild animals, meaning they have not been domesticated in real life, and in the game, it is all the same. Unlike other species like dogs and cats, which have been bred to live easily with people, foxes don’t do well as indoor animals.

Knowing how to tame a fox in Minecraft means you can add a furry little pal to your adventures, and who wouldn’t want a sly sidekick roaming by their side?

However, they are not just a cute companion in Minecraft, as they can sometimes bring you items and even help you fight off attackers if you have built enough trust with them. You can also breed them once they have been tamed to add even more of them to your animal entourage.

If you want to learn more about taming a Minecraft fox, stick with us, as we have got all the details on finding them and becoming firm friends. This cute creature is something players would want by their side because of its rarity and usefulness in adventures.

After breeding two foxes with either sweet or glow berries, the foxes will spawn a baby fox, which trusts the player. If Minecraft players are looking for a helpful mob to pick up loose items, then a baby fox may be right.

Foxes are well-natured and do not usually engage in fights. They are a tamer version of wolves, being strategic in how they should approach a hostile situation. They would only fight back when other mobs hurt their trusted player.

Where to find a fox?

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Foxes are passive mobs in Minecraft that can spawn in the taiga, giant tree taiga, and snowy taiga biomes. They spawn in groups, most commonly at night, in either adult or baby form.

They prey on some chickens, rabbits, cod, salmon, and tropical fish, but foxes fall prey to only two predators: Wolves and Polar Bears. Foxes can sleep at a light level of 14 or less during the day.

If any item is near the fox, the fox will steal it, causing it to appear in its mouth. Sweet berries are used for breeding foxes. The offspring trusts them and does not flee from that player as it grows.

Foxes are nocturnal, making them more likely to spawn at night, especially in forests. In snowy biomes, a different variant of the foxes can be spotted.

Except for white hair, no apparent behavioral differences exist compared to the foxes in other biomes. They typically spawn, in groups of 2-4, with a 5 percent chance of spawning as baby foxes. During the night, they generally travel to villages.

Foxes in Minecraft are a great ally to have by your side. A tame fox will loyally attack any mob that threatens its owner. Untamed foxes exist naturally as passive mobs in the game and will only attack those who make an unprovoked attack upon them.

They may spawn in either adult or baby form. In the taiga, their coat is orange, similar to a red fox, whereas, in a snowy taiga, they are white, similar to an arctic fox. A fox may also spawn in a village within one of the taiga biomes.

How to tame a fox?

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Foxes in Minecraft are a great ally to have by your side. A tame fox will loyally attack any mob that damages its owner. Untamed foxes are naturally a passive mob in the game and will only attack those who make an unprovoked attack upon them.

To tame a fox, you must give and feed sweet or glow berries. Once you are done feeding the two foxes, they will enter love mode, and a baby fox will spawn after a few seconds. Now that the baby fox is there, you can feed it berries to accelerate its growth or wait for it to become an adult.

The two foxes that bred the baby fox will still be afraid of you, but once the baby fox becomes an adult, it’ll no longer fear you. The best way to do this is simply to interact with the baby fox while holding the lead and walking a considerable distance from the two-parent foxes.

Now, after being by your side for a while on the lead, the fox will eventually begin to trust you. You will know when this has happened as the fox will begin to attack mobs that attempt to cause harm to you.

After confirming your new companion likes you enough to fight for you, it can be considered fully tamed, and its leaders can thus be removed.

These things and ideas will lead the fox to trust you and be ready to be tamed. After being tamed, foxes act as loyal friends like tamed wolves, as they will help you fight off hostile mobs and defend you until their last breath. 

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