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Supergiant Games’ Hades does not disappoint when it comes to diverse and challenging enemies and Tisiphone is definitely one of them. After defeating Megaera a certain amount of times in the beginning of the game, Tisiphone (or sometimes Alecto) will randomly begin appearing as the boss of Tartarus, the first boss encounter of every Underworld escape attempt.

How to Defeat Tisiphone in Hades

Tisiphone, just like the other Fury Sisters, has her own unique chamber to fight in. Her chamber is a big square room without any pillars or traps. However, her chamber will become smaller and smaller as the battle progresses.

The Basics

The key to defeating Tisiphone is understanding and anticipating each attack, and knowing when to dodge or counterattack:

  • Whip Lasso

Tisiphone will perform an attack that will stun Zagreus if hit. She will then dash and strike towards Zagreus’ current location while firing out projectiles as she dashes. This can be evaded by dashing towards the back of Tisiphone before her dash, as there will not be any projectiles being fired behind her, or dashing out of the attack range.

  • Whip Combo

Tisiphone will dash in an arc towards Zagreus then dash again in the same way in a random direction. At the end of the dashes, she will attack the area around her. Before this attack, she will raise her wing into the air. This can help you anticipate the attack. So, when it happens, dash away from the range of the attack.

  • Slow Beam

Tisiphone will fire slow projectiles in every direction, all around her. To evade these projectiles, dash as far as possible from Tisiphone. The farther you are from her, the bigger the gaps between the projectiles will be which means it’s easier to walk through them..

  • Lightning

Tisiphone will summon circles in a straight line from her current position to Zagreus’ current position that are targets for lightning. If Tisiphone is at 25% HP and below, she will summon circles in a straight line in 4 directions with her in the middle. This attack can easily be evaded by dashing away from the circles.

The main difference between her and her sisters Alecto and Megaera, aside from that she only says murder, is that Tisiphone’s chamber gets smaller as the battle progresses and she won’t summon Shades.

The Damage Has Been Done

At the beginning of the fight, Tisiphone will always use Whip Lasso and Whip Combo. Then, when her HP is at 67%, she will start using either Slow Beam or Lightning and finally, at 33%, she will start using the remaining attack.

As mentioned above, the chamber will get smaller as the battle progresses. The screen will fade to black for a while and when it fades back it the walls will be closer to the center. This will happen twice when Tisiphone’s HP is at 50% and 25%. She will be impervious to attacks during the whole animation. Uncollected Bloodstones on the closed-in area of the chamber will be moved to the center of the chamber.

Final Thoughts

Ranged weapons are better to use with regards to fighting Tisiphone as you can attack from afar and dash away from her quickly. Additionally, you can also destroy the projectiles being fired by attacking them or, better yet deflecting them by taking certain boons.

As you can tell, this guide emphasizes more on dodging. That is because Tisiphone’s attacks can get a little overwhelming, especially in the latter half of the battle. There will always be windows to attack but it is more important to understand her attack patterns and know when to judge. It is more important to survive than landing a lot of blows but with a fast-depleting health bar. Smart movement is really the key to defeating Tisiphone.

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