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How to beat 32 Heat in Hades! One of the most sacred and praiseworthy achievements in-game!

Hades: How To Beat 32 Heat

There is a lot of talk going around. It’s all about which strategies are the best, which weapons are the best, and much more.

Only the strongest of players get to beat the game at a Heat 32 level. It is truly a hard act. For those who don’t know, you get a Heat Gauge on the Pact of Punishment Screen.

Here you can tweak the conditions and make your run either miserable or fun. Usually, high Heat levels bring in the most rewarding loot.

So, what’s the best strategy to beat Heat level 32?

  • Your best weapon of choice is probably a shield. On the shield put a chaos aspect. It is one of the most potent weapons in the game these days.
  • Next, look to get Athena’s trinket. You can use it to get deflect dash. Furthermore, pick hearts always when it’s available.

You can follow with a coin trinket. Later on, you can switch to broken spearpoint.

  • Be careful when choosing a special boon. It is probably the most important thing when you are doing these kinds of runs.

You can choose either doom, crits, and poison based on your preference.

  • Take: Poseidon’s Call, Zeus After Call, and Faster God Gauge. Other similar offensive boosts like the ones from Hades can work too. It is up to you.
  • Sysyphus trinket, to keep you alive on the first floors.

This is by far the most straightforward strategy to beat 32 Heat in Hades. However, that is not to say that other builds might work as well. It is all up to preference. This is just one of the easier ways to achieve this.

You can tweak this build to suit your playstyle, but make sure to keep the shield on! Good luck, Zagreus!

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