Hades Heart Of Artemis: How To Unlock 7th Heart For Artemis



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The Codes is a reference and a diary book for Zagreus adventures in the Underworld. It sort of serves to help players and present the lore to the players.

Hades Heart Of Artemis: How To Unlock 7th Heart For Artemis

Each social interaction in Hades goes a long way. You can either choose to socialize and get more rewards, or you could ignore it and miss out on potential gifts.

You get hearts in the Codex from gifting certain things to characters. The seventh heart for Artemis is tough to unlock. So, how to unlock the 7th heart for Artemis?

How to Unlock the 7th Heart for Artemis in Hades

The first six hearts can be acquired relatively easily. You have to gift Nectar to Artemis until you reach the sixth heart.

That’s where it gets tricky. She will then tell you that she is more interested in worship rather than the Nectar. Well, what does that mean?

You will have to start a long worship process to get her to gift you one more heart.

This is how you unlock 7th Heart for Artemis in Hades:

  1. Equip the trinket of Artemis.
  2. Run the game.
  3. Interact with her.
  4. Die.
  5. Repeat.

This will be an exhausting ordeal, but it is doable. The amount of times you have to repeat this process varies from player to player. You might unlock it on the first try.

Once she starts telling you about someone named Callisto, then you have successfully gained another heart. There might be other ways to do this, for example, speaking to other characters and doing something.

But this has proved successful to a lot of players. You would have to try and try until she sees your “worship.” Some hearths are not yet unlockable and available in the game.

The developers are still trying to add more to the lore. We can expect to get them soon. For now, good luck in the depths of the Underworld!

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