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The Nectar in Hades is a rare liquid in a bottle that can be gifted to NPCs to get extra buffs and items. Certain characters will give better rewards than others, so you should choose who to give it to.

Hades: Who To Give The Nectar To

There are excellent rewards that can be acquired with this and no wonder. It’s pretty limited and hard to come by item.

We will tell you exactly who to give the Nectar to in Hades, and the best choices.

Who to Give the Nectar to

You can maximize one character and give all the Nectar to that particular NPC. But there are other ways in which you can go about this to get the best possible outcome.

Firstly, give the Nectar to all characters. This will ensure you get the first Keepsake of each character, which is tremendous.

The first Keepsake is usually pretty strong, and you could have all of them at the beginning. However, when doing this, keep away from Hades.

Hades is a boss who does not give you any Keepsake, so don’t waste Nectar. After gifting Nectar to all characters, choose one to maximize.

You can choose any character to maximize. This will depend on which Legendary Keepsake you most prefer. Usually, the best choices are Sisyphus, Skelly, Megaera, and Thanatos.

How to Obtain Nectar

The Nectar can be acquired in a couple of ways:

  • Room clear award
  • Clearing Infernal Troves with a 5% chance
  • Fated List of Minor Prophecies
  • Trades with the Wretched Broker

These are mainly the easiest ways to obtain it. Furthermore, you can get it from Poseidon’s boon Sunken Treasure, which has a 10% chance of giving you Nectar.

Dyonysus’s boon Premium Vintage will give you a free Nectar if you choose. After that, each Nectar found in the run will increase your Health.

Fishing in Elysium can help you farm some Nectar too, but it’s a pretty long and exhausting process.

That being said, carefully spend your Nectar in-game. Firstly, give to all characters, then focus on one. Skelly gives off good perks if you want to maximize him, and he can be an excellent beginner choice. Good luck in the Underworld!

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