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Ethermon is at the top of the chain regarding blockchain games. Not only is Ethermon fun, but it’s also an amazing means to earn money, which is why you should consider playing it. Any good blockchain game doesn’t just have an addictive loop; it should also have a good economy and more than one way to earn money.

How To Earn In Ethermon

The developers of Ethermon have made the game so that you can earn money through NFTs. Smart players focus on one aspect of the play-to-earn system, but other players dip their toes into all possible systems. Here’s how you can earn big in Ethermon.

Earning EMON

Earlier this year, the developers of Ethermon introduced a new currency into the game’s ecosystem. The new currency, EMON, has since become the core token in the game’s economy. The developers deemed it necessary to introduce a new means to earn, as the outdated EMONT token introduced in 2017 was no longer cutting it.

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Now, two tokens exist in the game’s economy, each with its purpose. MARKS is an off-chain currency that allows players to purchase and upgrade common items. It is used specifically for the game, and it cannot be used as a means to earn in the game. You can earn MARKS naturally, but you can also purchase them using EMONs.

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EMON, on the other hand, is a premium type of currency. These will allow you to access unique content and provide numerous benefits to holders. Most importantly, however, EMON can allow you to have better monsters, which is how the play-to-earn system begins. First, however, let’s talk about how to earn EMON.

There are several ways you can earn EMON. First, you can convert in-game loot and MARKs to create NFTs. You can then burn these NFTs to get EMON. You can also get EMON from in-game loot sold via player-owned stores. Lastly, you can earn EMON naturally through adventure rewards, gym battles, and in-game tournament prizes.

Once you have your EMON, you can swap it in a compatible exchange like Metamask. Earning EMON will be tough, and it’s often easier if you have a good team. As with all NFT games, a little investment on your end might make it easier for you to take advantage of the game’s economy so that you earn more.

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Although it’s been around for years, it’s safe to say that Ethermon is just getting started. Players expect the developers to streamline the game’s future further so that there will be more ways to earn. As blockchain gaming technology grows, many expect amazing upgrades and features from the development team behind the game.

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