Hitman 3 Berlin: Motorcycle Key Location



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The Berlin mission in Hitman 3 is a showcase of how difficult the game is.

Hitman 3 Berlin: Motorcycle Key Location

In Berlin, you will face five ICA agents that are hunting you down. Depending on what difficulty you play on, the agents will either be shown to you, or you will have to do some digging yourself to find them. As if the former wasn’t difficult, your targets are incognito on professional difficulty.

As you may know, in many of the missions in Hitman 3, there are a couple of escape routes, or exits. Some require some requirements to be filled if you want to use them.

Motorcycle Key Location – Hitman 3 Berlin

There is an escape route you can take in Berlin using a motorcycle to exit the scene. But to do so, you must first get the motorcycle key.

To get it, is pretty challenging since you will have to infiltrate a biker’s gang facility that is on the back of the main buildings. You will have to disguise yourself as a delivery man. Here is the exact facility that you will need to get into:

Basically, find the white truck that is showcased on the picture. From the left of it, there is a locked garage, that you will need to get into in some way.

To get to this spot, just follow the left side of the map after you exit the woods. You will know you’re on the right way if you are making your way to the yellow crane. There will be guards that won’t let you through, but on your right, you can climb over the wall.

After you do so, make your way to the crane, at which location there should be a guard. Take him down and disguise yourself as him.

From this point look on your right, and you should see the white truck. If you disguised yourself, you can ignore the guards and go close to the garage.

Behind the truck there should be locked white doors like in this picure:

Use a crowbar to break the door. There should be a food delivery guy here, take him down and disguise yourself as a delivery guy. Be careful when hiding the body as there are many NPCs nearby that have a clear view of what you’re doing.

After getting the outfit, make your way back to the garage door. On the left of it, there should be a doorbell, ring it, and open the food compartment on the scooter in front.

Take out the guard that will come out to get the food, and change your disguise again. Go in and take a right. Go inside the first door on your right, and then navigate to the two NPCs that are watching television:

On the table, the motorcycle key will be sitting perfectly for the taking.

Take it, and after you have completed your objectives, the exit at this location will be unlocked and the motorcycle is somewhere in the back of the facility!

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