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Hitman 3’s opening mission is somethings out of this world in terms of graphics and attention to detail, but also, it sets a difficulty tone for the rest of the game.

Hitman 3 Dubai: Wrench Location

It is a challenging mission since you will have to take down some powerful people that are guarded most of the time, hence the name “How the Mighty Fall”. Nevertheless, the point is that it is a challenging endeavor to complete two assassinations at arguably the biggest skyscraper in Dubai.

You might need some tools such as crowbars, screwdrivers, wrenches, and others that might help you infiltrate some locations.

Wrench Location – Hitman 3 Dubai

That is the main reason that we wanted to show you how easily you can get a wrench in a 500+ guest party in Dubai. Where do you store tools such as the wrench? Staff room of course.

You can find much of the stuff that you will need in the staff locations, so when you start the Dubai mission, and once you get the objective to infiltrate the staff area, do this to get to the wrench’s location:

  1. Use 4706 to get into the staff area.
  2. Turn on the vaccum on your right so that one of the staff members comes.
  3. Take the first NPC down, and then in the next hallway, take down the second. Use the second one’s disguise.
  4. Continue straight until you get to the two guards. You can wait for one of them to leave so that you can get a guard disguise from the other.
  5. Take a left and get the wrench from the boxes that are behind the door.

Then, you can continue with the mission. You will have to go through the door, and then wait for both staff members to leave, or you can always go the hardcore route and take them down.

Use your camera to open the window so that you can get on the outside. After this, you can get close to the server room. If you hack it, you will be able to open elevator doors, and use cameras!

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